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Chimney Repair in Southlake

Brick Experts DFW is a business founded on expert work and your satisfaction. Locally owned and operated in Frisco, we offer free estimates and years of experience to provide high-quality service for a wide variety of projects.

From masonry construction and repair to brick restoration, all our work is visually appealing. Our highly skilled staff are trusted by heritage preservation officials, home and business owners and will always deliver on quality, no matter what your budget may be.

Common Chimney Issues

Chimneys may look like a fairly simple structure, but there are quite a few things that could go wrong with them causing major structural issues to your home.

  • Cap and Crown The cap and crown of a chimney protect it from the elements. It’s like your chimney’s own personal roof. This prevents water seepage to keep your chimney’s bricks from deteriorating. If there are cracks in the cap and crown of your chimney, the seepage extends to the rest of the bricks causing wide-spread deterioration.
  • Brick Replacement Sometimes bricks can become loose or cracked. If there are problems with one brick, it can cause other bricks to weaken, causing even bigger problems the longer you wait to fix them. We can remove and replace problem bricks.
  • Repointing Repointing or simply “pointing”, is another way of tending to weathering and decay in the joints between bricks so as not to allow the entrance of water.
  • Rebuilding In some cases a chimney will be beyond the point of small fixes and will need to be rebuilt entirely. We’ll take the time and care to get your chimney back to strong working condition!

The Cost Factor

Putting off fixing your chimney can end up costing you in the long run. A $1000 repair, if left untreated, can rocket upwards of $3000 quickly.

Fireplaces are appealing due to their esthetic appearance in the home and are an affordable way to provide heat in the winter. But they are prone to cracks, leaks and crown breakage. Bricks can be vulnerable to elemental damage, and you will need to keep your chimney swept on a regular basis.

Regularly having your chimney swept, and using cleaning logs to loosen creosote and tar will be of minimal cost to you, as will fixing cracks and leaks when they appear. But should you need to go to the next level and employ experts for a bigger job, that’s where we come in.

Give Your Chimney a Makeover Today

Don’t be caught underestimating the importance of keeping your chimney in good working condition. A central installation in your home that seasonally contains fire and smoke is not something that you want to fall apart!

Not only can we fix problems and get your chimney back to just-built quality, but if you need any advice in regard to living in a home with a chimney, we’re happy to help.