You don't always need to build methodically from the ground up when working on complete building projects with a tight schedule. In traditional construction, every element is built one step at a time, from the foundation to the roof to the finishing materials. On the other hand, fast-track construction allows your teams to prepare elements of your project before they are in line to be installed.

Using a modular approach, you can vastly improve the efficiency and timeline of your construction project, provided no changes are made to the design from start to finish. Brick Experts can help you make it happen.

What is Fast Track Construction?

Fast-track construction is building in parallel, treating individual construction elements as separate projects to be installed as completed components instead of building from the ground up. Fast-track masonry, for example, can mean preparings panels of stone features that can be installed instead of building the masonry stone-by-stone.

This uses a modular method in which skilled teams that know their specialty can vastly speed up your construction schedule by preparing larger pieces to be installed when the building is ready for each element.

The Fast-Track Construction Process

The fast-track construction process involves several teams working simultaneously instead of waiting for other teams or contractors to complete their contribution one installation at a time. This allows work to begin early on many elements of your building project while other essential teams are also active.

Benefits of Fast-tracking Construction Projects

The first and most important benefit is that your project is completed more quickly. When it comes to construction timelines, this can mean significant cost savings. You can get your teams to prepare their contributions separately instead of waiting for their turn and installing each element when the infrastructure is ready.

Another benefit is oversight over each prepared module. You have the chance to see completed pieces before they are installed and, like modular construction, can sometimes factory-hone them until they are guaranteed higher quality than they might have been if installed directly into the building.

Potential Drawbacks of Fast-tracking Construction Projects

Of course, fast-tracking is a technique that only works when every team involved is experienced and fully understands the building plan. A well-designed project with minimal changes can be combined with prepared elements using fast-tracking. However, if changes are made to the design or if the design is not fully understood, time and resources may be wasted when prepared elements no longer suit the needs of the building or fit into the construction plans.

It is necessary to achieve good communication, coordination, and quality for fast-tracked construction to impact the project significantly.

The Importance of Hiring a Fast-Track General Contractor

In order for fast-tracking to benefit your project, you need expert planning and coordination. This necessitates hiring a skillful, fast-track general contractor. A general contractor handles the coordination of your teams and the timeline of your construction project. A general contractor who can handle a fast-tracked construction operation will keep parallel teams on track and ensure that each installation of complete elements contributes as intended to building completion.

Contact the Fast-track Construction Experts in Dallas-Fort Worth

Project fast tracking in Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the best ways to accelerate your construction project and ensure beautiful quality installations. With a skilled fast-tracking construction general contractor like Brick Experts, you can drastically shorten your overall construction timeline and get a preview of each completed element before it goes in. Contact us today to explore the fast-tracking opportunities for your upcoming construction project.  

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