Fireplace & Chimney Repair Near Fort Worth, TX

When you require prompt and meticulous chimney repairs, look no further than the masonry contractors at Brick Experts DFW. Our team has the dedication and precision to provide dependable fireplace and chimney repairs. We arrive promptly at your place of residence, and following a diligent chimney inspection, we proceed with the necessary chimney repairs. Using top-quality equipment and products as well as proven methods, we ensure that your chimney is working safely and efficiently in no time! To request a free estimate for our services, contact us today!


Prompt, Meticulous Chimney Repairs

Fort Worth homeowners who are fortunate enough to have a fireplace know that a bit of added maintenance is needed to care for these timeless household additions. Over time, even the most well-installed chimneys and fireplaces can incur material and structural damage. The problems can range from minor inconveniences to dangerous hazards. Chimney leaks can be caused by an abundance of factors, including:

  • Damaged Roofing Shingles
  • Cracks in Chimney Flashing
  • Cracked or Loose Mortar
The chimney mud cap or mortar joints may also be the source of the issues. Chimney leaks can be very difficult to locate but can lead to extensive masonry damage. With our chimney leak repair services, you can be confident that your leak will be located and addressed promptly. Our exceptional workmanship and use of top-quality masonry repair materials will keep your fireplace functioning effectively for years to come!

Chimney Leak Solutions and Repairs Services

Whether you have become aware of a chimney leak, or are simply overdue for a chimney inspection, you can depend on the masonry expertise of our contractors. Our approach combines traditional methods with state-of-the-art materials and supplies to seal and safeguard your chimney. Once we have located the leak, we will proceed with repairing and filling it. We use the highest quality products to repair your fireplace and chimney components, including:

  • Flashing
  • Masonry
  • Flue
  • Cap
  • and other areas
At the first sign of a chimney leak, or other damage to your chimney, reach out to our masonry specialists today and set up an appointment. Our team can make even the most dated fireplace function like new again!

Masonry Contractors with Years of Dependable Experience

Our team has been providing outstanding masonry and brick repairs, restorations, and new constructions for years. We have established a reputation among home- and business owners in Fort Worth for our prompt availabilities, wide range of services, and competitive rates. With our courteous and helpful approach to customer service, we can expertly advise and recommend the best ways to keep your fireplace in perfect working condition. When you find yourself in need of a fireplace inspection or need a leak repaired, we are the company to call!

Deal with Chimney Leaks Promptly with Exceptional Masonry Repair

For the most dependable chimney leak repairs in the area, the company to call is Brick Experts DFW. Our company has the resources, experience, and supplies to provide you with a full range of outstanding masonry repairs. Call today to set up a consultation!  


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