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Chimney & Fireplace Repair Near Plano, TX

If you’re looking for a company, who can turn your chimney problems into a thing of the past, contact the company who specializes in chimney leak repair. We’re licensed, we’re bonded, and we can’t wait to make your day a little brighter. Call Brick Experts DFW at (817) 901-0236 today.


Chimney Services: Don’t Wait Until Your Chimney Springs a Leak

Your chimney is a valuable part of your home. If it falls into disrepair, your ventilation system might be compromised, but that’s not all. Damages to the chimney’s cap, crown, brickwork, or flashing can lead to unwanted leaks during those rainy days.

If your chimney has sprung a leak, give the certified masons at Brick Experts DFW a call today!

We Specialize in Leaking Chimney Repair

Chimneys aren’t just a passing interest of ours. They’re our specialty. We use generous amounts of commercial-grade roofing cement to re-apply flashing, we chisel away any unnecessary hardened cement, and we never walk away from a site until our job is completely finished.

Have the bricks of your chimney begun to shift? Has the crown area begun to warp? Whatever the cause of your leak might be, we’ll identify it and correct the issue.

Sometimes All It Takes Is Some Chimney Flashing Repair

Sometimes the source of the leak isn’t related to your chimney’s brickwork or the cap and crown mechanisms. Sometimes all your troubles stem from the flashing that has come loose or blown away in a storm.

Some masons might not know what to look for if the brickwork seems fine, but chimneys are our specialty. We can identify any chimney problems—and we can fix them, too.

Protect Yourself from Future Troubles by Scheduling Chimney Maintenance Services

What’s the best line of defense against unexpected chimney leaks? Make sure your chimney gets inspected on an annual basis!

Some people might think inspections are a waste of money, but we beg to differ. By investing a bit of time in your chimney today, you can save yourself lots of time, money, and stress in the future. Emergency repairs are always expensive, but a quick inspection is affordable and easy to schedule.

Our Chimney Leak Repair Services Come with Extended Warranties!

We will leave you with more than sturdy repairs and a bill for our services. We’ll also leave you with an attractive warranty sure to keep you free from needless financial setbacks.

Warranties are one of the many ways to work to earn your trust. We don’t want you to be a one-time customer––we want you to be a life-long client.

We Perform Our Chimney Services on Your Schedule

Some contractors expect you to move around your schedule to accommodate them. Here, we do things a little differently. When you work with us, we’ll work around your busy schedule!

Say Bye to Chimney Leaks Once and for All by Calling Us!

Don’t let a leaky chimney rain on your parade. Call Brick Experts DFW the second your chimney springs a leak at (817) 901-0236. We look forward to helping you out.