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Chimney Repair in Frisco

Although not the most glamorous part of your Frisco home, the fact of the matter is that your chimney plays an integral role in making sure that it operates to the highest possible level at all times. However, as any homeowner in Frisco can attest, from time to time damage to your chimney can occur and when this happens you need to make sure that you invest in a repair service that you can rely on. Brick Experts DFW is that team.

Our skilled team of brick and masonry experts can repair your Frisco home’s chimney after storm damage, depreciation or general wear and tear. We will work on your chimney and make sure that the necessary repairs are made in a quick and effective manner.

So, what are you waiting for? Call Brick Experts DFW today and allow us to get to work on getting your chimney back to its best in no time at all.

Four Signs That You Need to Have Your Chimney Repaired

Just like every other part of your home, the simple reality is that over time, your chimney may need repair work to keep it functional and your home safe. The following four points are signs that your chimney may be in need of repair:

  1. Visible Mortar Damage: As a homeowner in Frisco, you don’t need us to tell you that our cold streaks can be really cold! The rain, ice, snow and cold temperatures that are commonplace can take a massive toll on the mortar that holds the bricks of your chimney together. One quick and easy way of identifying if your chimney is damaged with gaps, cracks and holes in the mortar is to use some binoculars and have a quick look. If you notice that there is some damage then give us a call today.
  1. White Staining: Also known as efflorescence, white staining on your chimney can indicate that your home has a moisture problem. The color occurs when water brings natural salts in the mortar and bricks to the surface where they remain after the water evaporates. This moisture is usually the result of a damaged chimney crown or a missing chimney cap.
  2. Firebox Damage: If your chimney is not at its best then it may be because there is firebox damage. The fact is that the firebox inside your fireplace is constructed using different bricks and mortar than the rest of your fireplace to ensure sufficient insulation. Unfortunately, these delicate materials are susceptible to water damage.
  3. Weird Smells: A very easy way of identifying that your chimney may be in trouble is if a weird smell starts coming from it. This usually shows that your chimney’s liner needs to be replaced. The chimney liner is meant to draw fumes from the fireplace to the outside and if this is the case then you need to call us today.

Don’t Settle for Second Best

If you want to make sure that your Frisco home’s chimney is in top condition then you need to contact Brick Experts DFW today.