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Masonry Repair in Frisco

If you are looking for a company whose masonry repairs are exceptional, long-lasting, and affordable, look no further than Brick Experts DFW. We’re a licensed and insured team of contractors eager to repair your stone and brickwork! Call us at (817) 901-0236 today.


Brick Experts DFW’s Masonry Contractors

Your home and property consist of many different components, structures, and materials. There’s the sod on your lawn, the shingles on your rooftop, the floorboards in your home, your electrical work, and more. While a handyman might be capable of addressing many of these things, others require the specialized attention of a professional.

When it comes to the stone or brickwork, you need a masonry contractor who knows how to repair brickwork without simply replacing every last brick. You need someone who can leave your brick structures and surfaces stronger than ever before! In short, you need us. Our masters of masonry can repair almost anything, including the following:

  • Chimnies
  • Fireplaces
  • Retaining Walls
  • Hardscape Features
  • … and more!

Call us today to request our services! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Maintaining the Beauty of Brick

Brick and stonework are timeless and beautiful. It adds an air of distinction to any building that cannot be undermined. Stonework that falls into disrepair, on the other hand, can quickly begin to look shabby and run down.

As a home or business owner, this could mean sacrificing the overall curb appeal or your property.

Lucky for you, Brick Experts DFW is here to help. Our specialists will provide superior masonry repair services and ensure that your stone and brickworks are looking as good as new. We will also make certain that the masonry is structurally sound, safe, and built to last for years into the future.

The DFW Difference: Masonry Construction You Can Count On

We do more than just make the brickwork of your chimney or fireplace look presentable to the untrained eye. We make sure those stone and brick structures are capable of withstanding the heat, snow, wind, and rain they’re due to receive.

What’s more, we work quickly too. Our years of experience have prepared us for just about any problem you might have. Whether your bricks need to be re-pointed, or your chimney is on the verge of crumbling, we’re the fast-acting team for the job. Apart from fast turnarounds, you can also expect:

  • Certified Contractors
  • The Best Materials for the Best Prices
  • Certified Subcontractors When Needed
  • Written Estimates for All Services
  • No Hidden Fees
  • …and more!

Free Consultation for Stone Mason Services

We value our clients. One of the ways we show our appreciation is by offering complimentary no-obligation consultations.

That’s right! With us, your first consultation is always free. You’ll have plenty of time to learn about us during the consultation, and we’ll use the time to learn about your brickwork.

Inspecting Your Stonework

Before we can repair the masonry on your property, we must first conduct a detailed inspection of the damage. When you get in touch with us, we will book an inspection at a convenient time for you.

We will carefully inspect the state of your stonework and its overall integrity. We will then come up with a repair plan, considering the longevity of your bricks into the future.

Once we have gained an understanding of the project at hand, we will provide you with a detailed estimate for the overall cost of the repair before getting started.

Competitive Rates for Hardscape Maintenance and Repairs

Another way we set ourselves apart from our competitors is our affordability. We want every person who needs our services to be able to afford them. We understand that damage can occur at unexpected and inconvenient times, and we are happy to maintain competitive rates.

Additionally, we will also provide you with an accurate quote for the cost of the repair service before getting started. Providing our valued clients with transparent pricing is one of the many ways we work to make customer care and satisfaction our number one priority.

Extended Warranties on Masonry Work and Repairs

Our team is committed to providing extended warranties in the case that you are not fully satisfied with the results of our work. Our warranties ensure that your stonework is looked after for years to come. Should any problems arise, simply call us back, and we’ll be there to correct the issues!

The Leading Local Mason Experts on Brick Re-pointing and More

There are many reasons why Frisco residents choose to return to our masonry services again and again. One of the main reasons is our unwavering commitment to quality results. We use only the industries best tools and products when working on your property. We will give your project the same level of dedication that we would give our own home, paying close attention to each detail to achieve stunning results.

Not everyone is capable of restoring bricks to their former glory, but we are. With the appropriate mortar and the right tools, picture-perfect results are more than a possibility.

Last-Minute Masonry Contractors: Available Day or Night

Stone damage can occur unexpectedly, and when it does, you should be ready. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that even if you call us during peak hours, we’ll answer the phone. All you need to do it call us!

The Masonry Experts You Need

Brick Experts DFW is proud to host a team of highly experienced masonry experts. Our technicians are passionate about stone and have been working to restore the masonry on residential and commercial properties for many years.

You can count on our experts to deliver only the very best masonry repair service in Frisco and the surrounding areas. Whether you need to repair your chimney or a retaining wall, our specialists have you covered.

Additionally, we are committed to improving our services every day, that’s why we are continually educating ourselves on the industry-leading techniques for stone and brick repair. Keeping ourselves abreast, helps us bring you the best possible masonry repair services.

Schedule a Visit From the Masonry Repair Team at Brick Experts DFW Today!

The main reason home and business owners in Frisco choose masonry services is because they want to build something that lasts. And while things constructed by professional masons out of brick and stone have a reputation for being able to withstand whatever the elements throw at them, the truth is everything degrades eventually. Luckily, if your masonry work requires repairs, all you have to do is call (817) 901-0236 to get in touch with the masonry experts at Brick Experts DFW.

Brick Experts DFW’s team of licensed masons and builders have become the top choice for masonry repairs, among other masonry-related jobs, in the Frisco area thanks to their extensive experience and prompt service. No matter what you need to be repaired, we guarantee that our masons will always use the best resources and materials and when combined with their hands-on knowledge you will see why we are the best option for all your masonry needs.

If you want passionate craftsmen that go miles above and beyond what you would expect from a regular general contractor, give us a call today and let us know how we can help.

Brick Repair in Frisco

If your home or business in Frisco is made out of brick, you have no doubt enjoyed that it carries a look of distinction and character. Despite the classic and sophisticated look a brick building has, the bricks can be a real pain when it’s time to repair them.

If you have never attempted tuckpointing, you are in for a rude awakening. Of course, you can’t in good conscience do nothing about it. Loose or crumbling brick mortar joints lets moisture through and can quickly deteriorate the walls inside your home or business. Plus, it can add to the rapid deterioration of structurally sound mortar.