Building a DFW home or business with masonry is a timeless choice. Both brick and stone create a look that lasts forever, requiring only occasional regular maintenance to stay tall and strong for decades. Brick masonry creates a cozy, lived-in feeling for any building, while stone can be stately or creative depending on the type of stone masonry you choose. But just what is the difference between brick masonry and stone masonry? As a team that does both, Brick Experts can offer a few insights to help you learn the difference and how to choose which type of masonry you might prefer for each project.

What is Brick Masonry?

Brick masonry involves laying composite bricks in layers packed with mortar or bond. Bricks can be made with many material mixes, including clay, fly ash, concrete, sand lime, and engineering bricks. You can choose the material and color, as bricks are mixed and pressed, so there is a great deal of control over the final appearance in manufacturing. Brick is installed using one of three types of bonds: structural bond, pattern bond, and mortar bond. Structural and pattern bonds determine how the bricks are laid and their appearance when installed, while a mortar bond refers to the adhesive between each brick.

What is Stone Masonry?

Stone masonry is heavier and more complex than brick masonry. It involves laying stone blocks between mortar, sometimes in the shape of bricks or sometimes with mortar holding together more natural stone shapes. Each stone must be cut and dressed before it is ready for building. You can also polish stone masonry so it gleams and becomes its own finish. Brick Vs. Stone Masonry: Longevity & Durability Brick and stone both have the potential for longevity. However, stone will typically last longer than brick if both are well-maintained. Without regular maintenance, both will see weakened mortar before the bricks or stones wear away.

Brick Vs. Stone Masonry: Strength

Brick and stone are durable and robust, but stone can resist damage better. Brick tends to be more porous, scratchable, and may crumble on impact, whereas many stones will not evidence these behaviors. Brick may crumble over time, whereas a stone wall will only see mortar loss.

Brick Vs. Stone Masonry: Aesthetics

Brick masonry is a warm, charming building material that can naturally make a building more welcoming. Stone, however, tends to be more formal. Stone masonry can also be polished to a lovely gleam.

Brick Vs. Stone Masonry: Cost

Brick masonry is almost universally more affordable than stone masonry. This is because bricks are lighter, typically more regular, and easy to source. Stone can be heavy and irregular and relies on quarried sources worldwide.

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Stone and brick masonry are both elegant ways to build a home or a business. Stone masonry is often favored for exterior and landscaping structures, while brick is more likely to be used for interior walls and features. Which is best for you; brick or stone masonry? The choice is yours. With Brick Experts, you don't have to choose because we can do both. When a design calls for stone masonry, brick masonry, or both, Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners call Brick Experts to bring dreams to life. Contact us today to explore your beautiful masonry construction, landscaping, or remodeling options.

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