Brick Masonry Services in Richardson, TX

Transform your home, landscape, or commercial location with premier brick masonry and stone services. At Brick Experts, we work with all types of bricks, stones, and mortar to craft iconic structures, restore historic buildings, and keep your property looking great in Richardson, TX. Explore our services today to see how you can enjoy a reliable installation or repair service for a timeless, natural look.

Masonry Construction and Repair

We’re proud to offer cutting-edge masonry support for residential and commercial properties in Richardson, TX, and the surrounding area. Choose Brick Experts to receive freestanding arches, stone walkways, or other structures that add value and style to your property. Masonry can shift, crack, and wear out over time. Keep your property safe and looking timeless with our reliable repair projects. Our team can restore retaining walls, repair shifting walkways, and replace cracked stones to keep your walkway looking as beautiful as it was the day it was installed.

Brick Restoration and Installation

Whether you’re looking to construct a new brick home in Richardson, TX or you need to restore a historic property, turn to Brick Experts for full-service brick restoration and installation. Our team can handle concrete masonry, brick building restoration, and other related services. A brick building is meant to last generations. If you have a brick structure with cracked bricks, sagging walls, or compromised mortar, we can assist you in maintaining your building. Don’t let a few minor maintenance steps pass and compromise the structure of your priceless office, home, or outbuilding. Install a new brick structure to match your existing house. If you’re the proud owner of a timeless brick building, create a detached garage or fence to match. We’re experts in selecting the ideal stones, bricks, and mortar to flawlessly match existing structures.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is the foundation of hardscaping. Improve the drainage and slope management on your property with a sturdy brick retaining wall. We work with you to find the ideal location for a wall before digging out the site and shoring up a wall designed to last for generations to come. Transform a slope into a tiered garden space or add visual interest to the front of your business location with our durable retaining walls. Matching Mortar Services Chipped, cracked, or missing mortar can cause bricks to become loose and dislodged in your structure. Work with our team at Brick Experts to maintain the mortar on any size of the brick structure. Expert application is crucial for preventing air pockets and restoring the full strength of your wall. While mortar is primarily a structural element, it’s also a part of your exterior design. Patching a wall with the wrong color, shade, or texture of mortar can result in an unappealing exterior to your home. Improve the value of your brick building using our expert mortar matching services. Our team uses a new mixture of mortar specifically designed to match your personal mortar color. Because sun exposure, aging, and the composition of mortar can affect the color, it’s important to work with professionals who can expertly match the mortar. We don’t match mortar with the original color of your building, but instead, we can mirror the faded, aged look of the rest of your mortar for a seamless repair.

Work With Brick Experts in Richardson, Texas

Contact us today to update your brick building in Richardson, TX. Whether you need a mortar matching service for a commercial building or you’re looking to add a stone walkway to your home, find out how we can provide industry-leading services at competitive prices. Invest in a well-maintained, priceless brick home, or other structure to achieve an iconic look and timeless feel. Image Credit: Shutterstock/Megaflopp  

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