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Masonry Services. Brick and concrete masonry can be a challenge, and having a reliable local contractor to take on difficult jobs is essential. Brick Experts is a highly experienced company, ready to provide any and all brick and concrete masonry services in the Arlington, TX area. For assistance with a masonry project in the Arlington, TX area — or to simply hear more about our services — contact us today.

Masonry Service Consultation

For many clients, the first step will be a consultation to understand your unique masonry needs. We seek to develop an individualized relationship with all clients in order to determine an effective project plan, consistent and fair pricing and design a project to your specifications. We can undertake brick repair projects and other masonry projects of all types — rebuilding walls, repairing chimneys and arches, and much more. Furthermore, we work with individual homeowners and homeowners associations to do strong, lasting repairs that address structural problems while maintaining a coherent aesthetic and matching underlying masonry. Types of work we specialize in include the following:
  • Repointing
  • Bricklaying
  • Brick and stone replacement
  • Decorative work
  • Maintenance of stone or brickwork
  • Concrete pouring
  • Chimney repairs and installations
  • Parging

Lasting and Attractive Masonry Repair

We work with a variety of homeowners, homeowners associations, and businesses to complete a wide variety of masonry work. We can work on both private and communal spaces, to ensure all brick, stone, and general masonry work is done to the highest standards, with your vision in mind. While we have done extensive installation work, we also specialize in repairs. Many homeowners worry that masonry repair is not practical, as it will not be able to match the style of original brick or stone. This can lead some homeowners to pursue costly and often unnecessary rebuilds. We pride ourselves on our specialized masonry services and on our ability to provide a reliable, aesthetic match for projects of all types. Whether an indoor or outdoor wall, chimney, arch, mailbox, or other structure, we can ensure the job gets done effectively and with style. To learn more about repairs in the Arlington, TX area, contact us online or at 817-901-0236.

New Installations

We have extensive experience completing new brick and stonework installations in residential and commercial settings. This includes extensive work with a wide variety of materials: concrete, brick, sandstone, fieldstone, limestone, granite, mortars, heavy silicate, and many others. We can work with you to discuss the dimensions of a new project and determine the best way to put it into action. Whether a big job — a kitchen remodel, home addition, basement redesign — or a smaller one, we will give your job the care and attention it needs. To discuss options or a vision for a new masonry installation in Arlington, TX, contact us online or at 817-901-0236.

Retaining Wall Work

At Brick Experts, we also specialize in retaining wall construction and repair. A retaining wall can be an essential structural feature of your landscape — holding slopes, preventing erosion, and offering space for gardening and landscaping features — while being an attractive, aesthetic addition to your property. We can work with you to manage slopes, improve drainage, and provide additional level space on your property. Our experts will work with you to effectively determine the scope of a retaining wall project, as well as appropriate materials for your location and budget, ranging from poured concrete to fieldstone. We will also work with you to ensure all landscaping is done to the highest visual standards. If we are repairing an existing wall, we will work to keep the structure intact and look coherent throughout. To discuss possibilities for a retaining wall installation or repair in Arlington, TX, contact us online or at 817-901-0236.


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We promise to work with you to fully understand your budget and the scope of your intended project. We can design an effective plan that is both affordable for you, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing. Our jobs are always completed efficiently and as quickly as possible.

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At Brick Experts, we have a wealth and diversity of experience in residential and commercial masonry work. Whether you are looking for a new brick or stone installation, or a repair of an existing feature, we are the company to do it. Let's connect! Contact us today for a consultation or to discuss the services you need.

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