Screen Wall Repair

Outdoor screen walls offer plenty of benefits to property owners. Not only do they enhance the cosmetic look of a yard, but they also provide shade, wind resistance, and privacy. For those looking to spend more time in their yards without dealing with the intense heat of the Texas sun, outdoor screening walls make a lot of sense.  However, like with any structure, there will be a time when they’ll need to be repaired. Brick and mortar may eventually erode, and even concrete can be affected by shifting soil and wild swings in temperature. Whether your screen wall needs repair or complete reconstruction, make sure to reach out to the Brick Experts of Dallas-Fort Worth

Outdoor Garden Walls 

It’s natural for property owners to care about their privacy. Nobody wants to work in their garden while feeling like they're under the intense gaze of both the hot sun and their peeping neighbors. Your yard is your property, and you deserve to feel like you can be out there without the entire neighborhood eyeing what you’re doing.  If you’re looking for privacy, shade, or wind resistance, you should also look for a screen wall that looks good and is up to code. That’s where the Brick Experts can step in. 

Screening Walls for Gardens 

Our team can partner with you to design a freestanding or attached outdoor garden wall that follows the rules and regulations of your town, neighborhood, or HOA. We work with various materials, each of which offers unique benefits, so you can be sure that the final product matches your needs. 

Gabion Rock Walls 

For a distinct visual style, consider a gabion rock wall. These screening walls use a metal grid structure to form a wall filled with large, loose rocks. You can customize the metal structure to include windows or walkways, making it easy to let plants or sunlight poke through. We can recommend local sources of rocks so that the final appearance is unique to your area. 

Living Wall Screen 

A living wall screen offers security, privacy, and a vertical space to hang garden plant pockets for those with a green thumb. This adds beautiful, bold greens to your yard while also providing a pleasant aroma to your yard.  If your yard lacks horizontal space for an herb garden, this is an excellent option. 

Garden Boxes 

Garden boxes are another way to add growing space to your yard. This type of screening wall incorporates garden boxes into a wall made of horizontal wood slats. You’ll gain privacy, growing space, and wind resistance without feeling like your yard is sealed off to the world. With this type of wall, you’ll allow sunlight into your yard but still, make it difficult for prying eyes to peer inside. 

Outdoor Kitchen Screens 

Whether your outdoor kitchen consists of a single grill or all the accouterment that could make world-renown chefs jealous, an outdoor kitchen screen is an ideal option for those who host parties and cook outside. They can keep pests away from hot surfaces and cooking food, and prevent uninvited guests from seeing who’s invited to your cookout. It’s cozy and intimate without feeling sterile or cut off from the natural beauty of your yard. 

How to Repair Screen Walls 

When it comes to repairing screen walls, they are various methods depending on the materials involved. While some of these repairs can be done by someone with a modicum of masonry experience, making the repairs meld perfectly with the original structure will take an expert touch.  For instance, the natural color of brick and mortar can fade over time. If you choose brand-new bricks and mortar, it will be extremely easy to spot the patchwork nature of any repair. The same can also be true of concrete walls. That's why you need the mortar matching experience of the Brick Experts. Our team can also go over maintenance tips with you to help extend the life of your brick or concrete walls. Should there be structural integrity issues, we’ll work quickly and safely to prevent any unnecessary disasters. 

Screen Walls Repair in Dallas 

If your garden screen wall has seen better days, give the Brick Experts a call. We’ll work with you to understand the nature of the repairs, so we can get to work quickly. If the wall is a lost cause due to structural concerns, or if you just prefer a new style that better matches your needs, we’ll also work with you to design a better wall for your property.  Call us today at 817-901-0236 for a free quote of our work and to see how we can help add privacy and beauty to your yard. 

Featured Image: SUCHART TANACHAITIMAKRON / Shutterstuck