Commercial Stone Services

Your commercial property deserves expert masonry services. The look and feel of stone create a formal ambiance ideal for commercial construction. From beautiful indoor brickwork to impressive landscaping stone, masonry stone services ensure that your property achieves professional elegance built to last. With over 30 years of experience as a commercial stone masonry contractor in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Brick Experts can handle any size project, including brick restorations, remodels and expansions, and new construction masonry.  

Commercial Masonry Services in DFW

  No two properties are exactly the same. Our commercial masonry services cover a wide range of projects shaped to the needs of your property. Whether you are planning an expansion, a remodel, or need to restore a historic brick building, you will find the masonry services you need.  

Brick and Stone Construction

  Design and watch your vision come to life with new brick and stone construction. As a commercial stone masonry contractor, our team can help you construct new buildings, wings, and beautiful stone blocks or brick installations.  

Restoration and Repairs

  Dallas and Fort Worth have many beautiful historical buildings with crumbling bricks indoors and outdoors. The Brick Experts specialize in stone restoration and masonry repairs to keep your building beautiful and safe without changing its classic original appearance.  

Masonry Facades

  Masonry and brick facades give your commercial property a stately appearance. Finish your new construction or reinvent an older building with brick facades and masonry veneers.  

Fireplaces and Chimney

  Looking to build an indoor or outdoor fireplace or restore an old one? Our commercial bricklayers can create a beautiful hearth and lasting chimney or repair and restore an existing historical fireplace and chimney.  

Landscaping Masonry

  Masonry is also an essential part of commercial landscaping. Our commercial stone installers can provide retaining walls, decorative structures, and masonry outbuildings to suit your unique landscaping design.  

Benefits of Commercial Stone Masonry

  Why choose masonry for your commercial property design? Masonry is a beautiful choice for business locations with many benefits as both a primary construction material and facade.
  • Timeless Look: Stone and brickwork are timeless. Masonry provides a stately feel with weight and formality, while brickwork offers a warm, welcoming, and historical sense when incorporated into your commercial property design.
  • Long-Lasting Materials: Brick and stone are durable materials built to last. With regular maintenance, your building may provide the same stately look decades from now.
  • Fire Resistant: Masonry is particularly resistant to fire and will help make your structures safer than more flammable materials.
  • Moisture and Mold Resistant: When installed correctly, masonry takes little to no moisture damage and is more mold-resistant than most building materials.

Why Choose Brick Experts

  Brick Experts have been in the commercial bricklayer business for over 30 years. With decades of experience working with the beautiful masonry of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we understand the needs of local businesses for masonry services. Our team specializes in brick repair and restoration, with skills that include the full range of commercial masonry projects, including new stone constructions, renovations, and landscaping masonry.  

Contact the Commercial Stone Masonry Pros in Dallas-Fort Worth

  Your business deserves beautiful and professional stone masonry services. You will get only the best from Brick Experts, a team of dedicated and skilled commercial stone installers and brick repair specialists. Whether you are restoring a beautiful old building or constructing a new stately property that will become a DFW landmark, we are proud to be a part of your construction and maintenance team. Contact us today to consult on the unique masonry needs of your commercial property and explore your options with Brick Experts.

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