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Caulking is essential to modern construction. It secures and beautifies masonry, provides waterproof seals for tiles and fixtures, and protects against weather damage around windows. Don't overlook the importance of proper caulking for a beautiful and strong building.

Commercial caulking contractors are available to ensure that your commercial properties remain well-sealed, safe, and attractive year after year and decade after decade. The Brick Experts can ensure that your masonry remains in top condition with professional caulking services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Quick & Reliable Caulking Repair Services

If you have noticed that your building's caulking has been damaged or worn, you can rely on our professionals at Brick Experts for quick and reliable caulking repairs. Our commercial caulking repair services address interior and exterior issues, replacing crumbling old caulk and mortar to ensure your building is watertight and structurally sound.


You can schedule large-scale caulking or spot repairs depending on the scope and conditions of the commercial caulking services you need.

Commercial Caulking Services Provide Watertight Sealants

Caulking services are essential for keeping your commercial building watertight against the weather and internal plumbing. This service can ensure that older installations remain beautiful and secure or improve the quality of more recent installations whose caulk may be damaged or failing. You can also improve the original quality of your building's caulking for increased weatherproofing and performance.

Commercial Caulking Services Provides Protection

Investing in commercial caulking services is always a worthwhile choice. Caulking can protect your building from water damage and pest infestations and increase energy efficiency. Fresh, cleanly applied caulk achieves a greater curb appeal outdoors, making better impressions with every tile indoors. Caulking services also seal windows in addition to masonry and tile, ensuring that your windows do not allow moisture or rattle in the frame.

Horizontal Expansion Joint Caulking

Horizontal expansion joint caulking is designed to repair and protect the joints between pavement slabs. Concrete tends to expand or contract in high and low temperatures, so the slabs are cut into sections. Flexible yet durable caulking is essential to provide durable spacers that allow slight changes in slab size and prevent cracking. Where wood spacers will rot and fail over time, high-quality caulking will last for years and effectively keep moisture out simultaneously.

Vertical Expansion Joint Caulking

Vertical expansion joint caulking is designed to protect the spacing between concrete or brick structures that may expand or contract with the weather. Expansion joints are cut to allow the building envelope to expand without cracking, and high-quality caulk permits this flex without compromising the building's integrity and remaining watertight. It is necessary to recaulk vertical expansion joints every few years to maintain that quality, preventing cracks and mold.


How to Know If You Need Commercial Caulking Contractors

It is time to call your commercial caulking contractors any time you notice a serious problem with the look or performance of the caulk in and around your building. Window caulking services, and exterior caulking, in particular, determine the insulation and weatherproofing qualities of your building, while expansion joint caulking is essential to structural integrity and preventing concrete cracks.

Caulk That is Worn, Shrunk, or Splitting

Most types of caulk wear out over time. Signs of this may be ragged caulk, caulk that has shrunk and dried into the space, or caulk that has split and separated over the seam.

Rotting Wooden Spacers Where Caulk Should Be

If redwood or cedar spacers were used instead of caulk, these spacers have an expiration date. You can tell when it is time to replace the original wood spacers with new caulk when the wood has clearly shattered from heat or rotted away from moisture.

Completely Exposed Concrete and Masonry Joints

If the caulk has been separating for so long that our experts can sweep the caulk out of the joint, you may see completely exposed masonry joints or only partially caulked joints that are effectively unprotected.

Professional Commercial Caulking Services in Dallas-Fort Worth

Brick Experts know all there is to know about commercial caulking services and the challenges, specifically with businesses in Dallas-Forth Worth.

If your caulk has dried out, broken down, or was originally wooden spacers, we have the durable, watertight caulking solutions you need. Keep your commercial properties beautiful, weatherproof, and ready for the temperamental weather changes that are a signature of the DFW area.

Contact Brick Experts today to book an estimate with our commercial caulking contractors.

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