Concrete & Brick Masonry Near Allen, TX

Whether you need the services of a brick or a concrete mason in Allen, Texas, you’ll need the help of dependable and customer-focused technicians at Brick Experts. With our years of experience generating satisfaction for customers, as well as creating and maintaining brick and concrete structures for homeowners, landlords, and businesses, we'll provide the exact type of masonry work you require. We offer a bevy of concrete and brick masonry services to help a wide array of customers. Regardless of which services you require, though, you’ll find that our masonry experts will go above and beyond to ensure every project we take on is safe and durable enough to meet our high standards.

Our Services in Allen, TX

With each of our services, our masons will work with you to identify your needs and assess the property. This way, we can start the project while on the same page and cut down on surprises down the road. By approaching each project with honesty and integrity – both personal and structural – we hope to go the extra mile. To better understand the various ways we can help with your masonry needs, make sure to read our list of services below.
  • Matching Mortar: Mortar is perhaps the essential component of brick masonry. It provides stability by keeping bricks in their place. However, over time, mortar can begin to discolor, crumble, or become loose. In this situation, you require more than just a new application. To ensure the new mortar doesn’t become an eyesore, you’ll need the help of the professional masons at Brick Experts that take the time to test the composition of the old mortar. This allows us to seamlessly blend in the new mortar without creating a mismatch of colors and styles that pull away from the structure’s inherent aesthetics.
  • Masonry Construction: Whether you’re building an entirely new structure or conducting a remodel of your home or business, Brick Experts can help. Our team is familiar with diverse construction materials, from brick to stone to concrete to silicate. We can even handle the most difficult challenges, such as freestanding arches. So, if you require brick or concrete work for your home or business remodel or for a brand-new project, make sure you reach out to us.
  • Masonry Repair: While bricks and concrete are highly regarded for their durability, they will need routine maintenance and occasional repair. In these situations, it’s essential to get the work done as soon as possible to ensure no loss of structural integrity that could cause damage or personal injury. When you call us for repairs, we’ll provide a free estimate and conduct a professional assessment of the structure. This lets us offer honest recommendations on the work you require immediately.
  • Brick Restoration: You can breathe new life into an old Allen building through our brick restoration process. We’ll clean the masonry work to get rid of any soiling and use modern tools to ensure any repairs or necessary rebuilds match the original work. This can extend the lifespan of the structure while further highlighting the inherent features of the brickwork. Put simply, we can help return fading or deteriorating brick or concrete structures to their original glory while adding integrity and durability.
  • Concrete Masonry: Already quite common in commercial spaces, concrete is an increasingly popular construction material in new homes and remodels. Should your concrete require repair, our team can assess the damage and carry out the appropriate steps, such as resealing or fixing cracks. For new projects, our team can partner with you to understand the needs of the project. Our skills, knowledge, and experience are commonly used in concrete masonry projects like decks, parking lots, walkways, and foundations.
  • Retaining Walls: Retaining walls can help almost any landscape. These walls can help manage slopes, control drainage, provide additional surface space, and create a new plateau. When you choose Brick Experts for your retaining wall project, we’ll offer an easy installation that leads to a durable and long-lasting structure. We can use various design styles, textures, and finishes to improve the visual aesthetics of any yard or landscape space.
  • Screen Walls: While retaining walls are often needed to add structure to a space, screen walls offer privacy, protection, and security. They can be used to provide shade from the hot Texas sun, block nasty winds that tear through properties, and keep prying eyes focused somewhere else. At Brick Experts, we can install a brick or concrete screen wall where it’s legally permitted. That means we can build a screen wall indoors or outside.
  • Chimney Repair: It’s generally easy to tell when a chimney needs repair. If you spot mortar damage or white staining or smell weird odors emanating from your fireplace, your chimney requires immediate attention. We can identify the issue’s source and repair what requires fixing, including flues, caps, and crowns. We can also help with blockages or damage to the firebox.

Why Choose Brick Experts

At Brick Experts, we’re devoted to the brick and concrete needs of Allen. We'll conduct the appropriate analysis and work with you to ensure we’ve met your high standards. If you’re not sure whether we’re up to the task, check out our past work! If you require a new brick or concrete structure, or your current one is displaying signs of damage, give us a call today. We can be reached at 817-901-0236. See our other services today! Image Credit: Shutterstuck / Radovan1
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