Commercial Concrete Masonry Service

Concrete masonry is an essential part of commercial property design, upkeep, and improvements. Concrete is durable, smooth, and potentially quite beautiful when installed by experts who understand the perfect pour. Whether your metroplex business requires a new parking lot, chimney repair, retaining walls, or a new concrete expansion, the Brick Experts provide more than just bricks. Our professional commercial concrete contractors are among the best in the region and will work closely with your team to ensure you are satisfied with the design and results of your new concrete pour.  

New Commercial Construction Masonry

New construction often requires the most commercial concrete masonry services, as your foundation, parking, walls, and landscaping may each have unique concrete requirements. The Brick Experts commercial concrete contractors can meet all of your needs through comprehensive design and professional execution. We offer a wide range of new commercial concrete masonry services to suit your property development plans. As commercial general contractors, we can take you from site preparation to building completion.

Concrete Parking Lots

Concrete parking lots require expert preparation of the subbase and a steady, professional pour to achieve the smooth, level surface you need for high-quality parking spaces. We will help you design a regulation-compliant parking lot that meets your traffic needs. Our parking lots provide an appreciable visitor experience and leave a lasting first-impression of superior design. Expand your parking lot with curbs, textured walking paths, planter sections, and more to create a unique and attractive parking environment for employees and customers alike.

Commercial Caulking

Concrete is not complete without commercial caulking. Caulk provides the adhesive, water-resistant flexibility needed to achieve long-term durability between both vertical and horizontal concrete slabs. Expert caulking takes experience and understanding to make sure that your caulk lines are both beautiful and provide optimal performance. Brick Experts can ensure all new concrete receives high-quality caulking and can help you replace caulk that has degraded over time.

Commercial Building Addition Services

Concrete makes an excellent material for building additions because it is extremely sturdy, durable, and elegant in a commercial setting. Concrete building additions are easy to insulate and hold up well in North Texas weather. The Brick Experts can help you plan, structure, and pour everything you need for additions made completely or partially of concrete as your primary building material.

Commercial Site Work, Prep, & Clearing

You don't have to worry about preparing or cleaning up your site. The Brick Experts know how to handle commercial concrete contractor work from start to finish. Starting from land clearing and soil stabilization. We will prepare the foundation, parking and curbs, underground utility channels, and storm drains. We will raise your concrete structures and finish with comprehensive site cleanup, so your new commercial construction is pristine when complete.

Specialty Concrete Construction

Of course, only some of the work done by commercial concrete contractors is stock-standard. If you need unique and specialty concrete construction services, the Brick Experts are ready to come through. We can help you design machine foundations and pads, concrete pits, leave-out boxes, stamped and colored concrete, and custom concrete solutions. Whether your needs are specific to industry requirements or cosmetic stylings, you will find our specialty concrete services rise to the challenge.

Contact the Commercial Stone Masonry Pros in Dallas, TX

As a commercial construction company, Brick Experts can provide professional concrete masonry services throughout the Dallas area. From new construction to commercial additions to repairs and historic restorations, call on the Brick Experts for professionalism, design, and services that cover the full scope of commercial masonry from site prep to cleanup. We look forward to exploring your project and putting together the optimal masonry plan to build or enhance your commercial property. Contact us to review the right services for your project and get a free estimate.


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