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Brick & Concrete Masonry Near McKinney, TX

The historic district of downtown McKinney is a dying breed in America. It is one of several downtown areas where so many buildings still sport 19th-century brickwork. Not surprisingly, many property owners in McKinney TX want to incorporate this into their buildings or add to existing brick structures. After doing so, brick then requires maintenance to retain its old charm and strength. Unfortunately, stone masonry is not as common a skill today as it was even a hundred years ago. Very few professionals can claim to have mastery over the necessary skill sets. While we continue to learn every day, we take pride in counting our contractors among the best of these professionals.

Our McKinney TX Services

Over the past few hundred years, Americans have steadily moved away from brick-and-mortar to wood. However, for those proud owners of brick structures — or who wish to be — we are happy to serve you. Our team is also skilled with concrete, which is another stone masonry art form. See below for details on the specific services we provide:      

Why Choose the McKinney, TX Brick Experts

Many skilled masons across Texas do exceptional work. These professionals have acquired years of experience, sometimes working in other locations across the country and in other regions. At Brick Experts, we remain committed to building a team composed of these individuals, so we can continue to guarantee high-quality work for our clients. We consider stone masonry as much a labor of love as the work that pays the bills. Over the years, we have worked with homeowners, commercial property managers, and local groups to add to McKinney’s growing brick building population and retain its existing members. If you do not feel convinced that brick or concrete is worth the investment, give our team a call. We are happy to show you some of the work we have completed to envision this on your property. Have you already decided what brick or concrete project you would like to take on? Contact us today to get a quote.


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