Brick & Stone Masonry Contractor in Southlake, TX

Masonry Contractors. The art of masonry has been around for millions of years, dating back to when humans first started using tools. Today, this discipline is still alive and well thanks to the commitment and dedication of Brick Experts' expert masons, providing skilled and high-quality masonry services in the Southlake area. For many years, our licensed masons and builders have taken the best resources and materials and applied their extensive hands-on experience to residential and commercial projects. In doing so, they aren’t just building things for satisfied customers, they are also building a more beautiful Southlake. Whether you need help fixing a crack in your home’s foundation, restoring an old building, or installing a retaining wall on your property, you can count on Brick Experts' masonry services to deliver the highest quality and safety standards in the industry. For a more detailed overview of our masonry services, keep reading this page or call us at (817) 901-0236 to speak to an expert directly.

Masonry Construction

If you require Brick Experts to help you build something of the utmost quality, we can help. Just a few of the jobs we typically get contracted for include:
  • Home Additions Masonry Work
  • Hotel Masonry Repairs
We have been around long enough that we are confident our masonry expertise will be an important asset for any commercial or residential construction project. From basic upgrades to full makeovers, our exceptional services can help with countertops, cabinetry, facades, and foundations, all of which can be tailored precisely to your vision or needs.

Brick Restoration

One of the many perks of living in Southlake is the esthetic beauty of the historic buildings. However, sometimes these architectural marvels require a little TLC from qualified stone workers who know how to salvage what remains and combine it with new material, so it looks seamless. The most crucial step in the restoration process is knowing selecting the right mortar. Luckily, all of our craftsmen have a keen eye for detail and have the versatility necessary to complete any restoration job thanks to a number of techniques in our wheelhouses.

Retaining Walls

Brick Experts' masons are often contracted to install retaining walls to stop soil erosion, elevate specific pieces of property or create additional functional space. If your property is in need of a retaining wall, our masons can install one that is both esthetically pleasing and functional with a variety of textures and finishes.

Masonry Repairs

Whenever your property’s stonework is damaged, you require a team of trusted and reliable masons. Working with a reputable masonry company is the only way to guarantee that the repairs are done to your satisfaction. We have helped more Southlake property owners with their:
  • Chimney Repairs, Rebuilding, and Waterproofing
  • Brick Mailbox Repairs
  • Calking Repairs
  • Gable Repairs
  • Patio Repairs
  • Brick Repair and Replacement
  • Brick Pointing
  • Mortar Repair
We pride ourselves on being able to make the necessary repairs look seamless and consistent with the rest of the structure. For a free quote or to get more information on all of Brick Experts' masonry services, call (817) 901-0236.


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