Masonry Services in Frisco, TX

Masonry Services. Our team at Brick Experts is your local source for help on just about any kind of masonry project. Every project we undertake is thoroughly planned before we start working, which allows us to offer no-obligation consultations. A certified contractor will visit your home or business to discuss the project, your budget, and your timeline. Once the plan has been laid out, and you ask us to begin work, our skilled masons will get to work.

Masonry Services

The types of projects we undertake are just as varied as all of our customers in Frisco, TX. Our experienced masons have the know-how to work with any material you need – brick, stone, concrete, you name it! The depth and breadth of our experience prepared us to successfully complete all types of projects. The following list is just a small sampling of the types of projects we’ve completed for people here in the area north of Dallas:  

Common Masonry Project

Because the materials we use are so versatile and durable, there is almost no job we can’t complete. That said, there are certainly a few key projects people are often drawn to when it comes to stone masonry, concrete masonry, or brick masonry. If any of the following are on your to-do list for this year, contact us to create a stunning addition to your home or business:
  • Brick Screening Walls – Instead of adding a traditional fence, consider adding a screen wall made from brick or concrete. Once you have one, it’s likely to last as long as your home or business itself. When properly under girded and reinforced, it’s easy to maintain a screen wall made from durable materials.
  • Mailboxes – Brick masonry mailboxes can add a lot of curb appeal to your home. Choose a material that will match or accentuate your home itself to achieve a high level of sophistication. If your existing brick mailbox is leaning too far, contact us for help shoring it up and straightening it out on an improved foundation.
  • Brick Repair and Replacement – If some bricks, concrete blocks or stones on your property have become cracked or crumbled, we’ll find a solution. By matching existing masonry and mortar colors, we can replace the damaged parts without turning your home or business into an eyesore.
  • Archways – The nature of archways means that you may occasionally need to push bricks, blocks, or stones back into position and shore them up. Expert masons from Brick Experts DFW can create a new arch for you or restore an existing one.

Brick Masonry in Frisco, TX

Brick is a classic building material that will never go out of style. Our masons can help you restore your brick home to its former glory and make sure it looks great for a long time to come. We can also add new features from patios and brick screening walls to fireplaces and columns. Brick masonry is an art form that requires a delicate touch and tireless attention to detail. When you hire a mason with years of experience, the difference will shine through in the finished product.
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Stone Masonry

A lot of homes in Frisco, TX include stonework, which is both durable and beautiful. As a building material, stone masonry is intended to last for centuries, but it still needs some care to look its best. Since stonework doesn’t create as even of a surface as brickwork, it takes some extra know-how to properly maintain the material. In addition to stonework construction, our masons will help with waterproofing, acid washing, and repointing any stonework that requires some maintenance.

Concrete Masonry in Frisco, TX

Concrete, stone, and brick are all excellent building materials because they’re durable and attractive. Since concrete blocks last so long, the mortar between them will be the deciding factor for how long your concrete masonry lasts. When you have your new concrete wall, patio, or column built by expert masons with years of experience, you can expect it to last for an especially long time. Our team even knows how to maintain and repair your wall over time to keep it in great shape.

Certified Masons

Our masons are completely certified, which means they’re ready to repair cracks, update façades, or completely rebuild structures. No matter what kind of project you have in mind, you can count on Brick Experts to get the job done correctly the first time. Our certified masons are licensed builders, and we’re fully bonded and insured, so you can let us work on your home or business with complete confidence. Our extensive experience allows us to provide accurate estimates and complete projects on time. Since we all live and work near Frisco, TX, we look at every engagement as an opportunity to help our neighbors. We’ll find you the most affordable solution possible while still meeting all of your requirements, and provide excellent customer service along the way. Our work will have unparalleled structural integrity and keep your property looking beautiful for years to come.

Why Choose Brick Experts in Frisco, TX?

Here at Brick Experts, we take pride in our connection to the community. We believe our work is only complete when the client is 100% satisfied, and we spare no expense when it comes to making sure our work meets your requirements. When you need someone to go the extra mile, we’ll arrive quickly to offer competitive pricing and complimentary quotes. When you decide to proceed, highly skilled masons will complete projects on time and on budget. Contact us today to get started.

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