Masonry Construction in Dallas, TX

Masonry construction is a time-honored art, but not every builder is up to the task. Quality masonry construction takes unique skill, attention to detail, and perhaps above all, experience. But when completed well, masonry designs from chimneys to arches to retaining walls and many other features can all add a structural depth and attractive aesthetic flourish to your property.  Of course, selecting the type of masonry you want is only part of the work. If you embark on masonry construction in Dallas, TX, there will inevitably be rules, regulations, and other stylistic considerations to consider in the process. At Brick Experts, we pride ourselves on having the legal and construction expertise to get the job done the right way, ensuring everything is up to code and built to last.

Why Concrete Masonry?

There are many reasons why masonry construction in Dallas, TX, will make a reliable choice for your home, property, or homeowners' association. Masonry construction is strong, relatively affordable, and highly resistant to damage, including fire damage. Masonry is typically built from concrete, steel, grout, and mortar, and the proper combination of these elements will produce a structure that can last a considerable length of time. Colors and other finishes can also go a long way towards fully individualizing a masonry design. Masonry can also incorporate brick and stone elements. Ultimately, it is hard to beat masonry as an aesthetically attractive material. Masonry can lend old-warm charm to any home or HOA feature. It can tastefully incorporate with almost any surrounding landscape. Whether screen walls, retaining walls, or other features, a masonry design can be neatly and effectively incorporated into the landscape architecture of a property.

Masonry Construction by Stone Type

Brick Experts DFW uses pre-fabricated and natural stone materials in our masonry construction services including brick, various types of stone, ceramic and concrete stone and blocks.
  • Concrete and Brick in all sizes and shapes
  • Hanging brick
  • Stone: Sandstone, fieldstone, limestone, granite
  • Mortars
  • Free standing arches
  • Block in all sizes and shapes
  • Masonry landscape: Site walls and pavers
  • Large blocks of heavy silicate

Types of Masonry Structures

There is almost no limit to the types of masonry construction in Dallas, TX that are available to you. At Brick Experts, we have experience with all sorts of masonry projects. Common types of structures include the following:
  • Screen or privacy walls
  • Retaining walls, including in gardens
  • Chimneys
  • Arches and pillars
  • Mailboxes
  • Fire pits
  • Patios
  • Much more!

Masonry Design Process

If embarking on a project of masonry construction in Dallas, TX, it is helpful to know a little bit about what the design process will look like. At Brick Experts, we will work with you to design a budget, timetable, and general schedule to ensure that your project is effectively completed to your specifications. At the outset of the process, we will cover the most important details about your project. These include the materials you would like to use, where the feature will be placed, any prep work that needs to be done for the site and a review of any necessary structural reinforcements. Finally, we will review all applicable building codes and HOA regulations to ensure that the structure you wish to construct is properly permitted.

Masonry Repairs

At Brick Experts, we also specialize in masonry repair. Whether it is a fireplace, patio, or another fixture, we can work with you to carefully salvage and repair old or damaged masonry construction, returning structural elements to their former glory. We specialize in aesthetic matching, ensuring that the finished product retains the look and feel of your initial construction. Aside from being able to preserve the charm of old construction, this will ultimately save you the cost of a full replacement.

Who We Work With

At Brick Experts, we take on all sorts of residential and commercial clients. For masonry construction in Dallas, TX, we specialize in working with individual homeowners, as well as HOAs. We are able to skillfully navigate the necessary requirements to build according to HOA codes and can meet even the most stringent terms.  If you are a homeowner, landlord, or homeowners' association in Dallas, TX, reach out to Brick Experts about any masonry construction projects you are interested in completing.

Masonry Construction in Dallas, TX

At Brick Experts, we employ a team of skilled masons who are ready to take on any masonry project you have in mind. From fireplaces to arches, to retaining walls, to patios, to many other structural and aesthetic elements, we can help you create a vast array of beautiful and durable masonry projects. Our skilled masons will go over all designs with you from start to finish, ensuring you are comfortable and confident about the ultimate project plan. Whatever type of masonry repair or masonry construction in Dallas, TX you wish to complete, Brick Experts can help make it a reality. Contact us online, or secure your free quote by calling 817-901-0236.


Brick Experts DFW experts carefully choose the material for your Flower Mound project according to the size and purpose of your requirements. Our mason and concrete specialists carefully plan each structural element and use local resources and raw materials based on your predetermined budget. Our skilled and experienced craftsmen carefully design and plan for the scope and dimension of masonry construction upgrades and remodels and provide Flower Mound residential and commercial property owners with a wide selection of textured finishes and specialty options.


Contact Brick Experts DFW for quality masonry construction for:
  • Home Additions Masonry Work
  • Hotel Masonry Repairs
  • Any Commercial or Residential Flower Mound Masonry Project
Optimized-New Construction 2    Optimized-Masonry Construction-Outdoor Living 1 Optimized-Masonry Construction-Outdoor Living 2 Whether your requirements include a basic upgrade for a business location or an entirely new concept in any area of your home, Brick Experts DFW provides exceptional masonry services from countertops to cabinetry, facades, and foundations, which can be adapted and customized to any construction requirement. Call (817) 901-0236 for to schedule a free estimate and discuss your ideas.