Brick Restoration & Repair Services

Breathe life back into a historic Dallas-Fort Worth building with the services of a highly skilled masonry specialist. Brick Experts DFW has the experience and expertise to clean, repair, preserve and rebuild brick components through careful salvaging of all usable stonework and combine it with new material from the finest sources. Are you looking for brick restoration in Dallas-Fort Worth? Brick restoration and repair is a practical method of safeguarding your home's physical integrity and improving on aesthetic appeal. Brick Experts is a leading contractor company that provides top-notch brick restoration and repair services in Fort Worth.  We are experts in brick repair and restoration, from minor cracks in brick veneer to major structural damage. Rest assured, we will restore your brick to its original beauty. Check out below for more information about our brick restoration in Dallas-Fort Worth.



Repointing a deteriorated masonry unit with the appropriate mortar selected by our specialists is the crucial step in our skilled restoration services from our craftsmen. Brick Experts DFW experts match tooling, profiles, and tuckpointing that produce consistently impressive results. Cleaning masonry to remove heavy soiling from pollution and dirt will undercut the deterioration of an older structure while enhancing its best characteristics. Brick Experts DFW restoration cleaning helps to maintain and extend the life of any structure you wish to preserve in Fort Worth.

Are You in Need of Brick Restoration?

Here at Brick Experts DFW, we have provided the surrounding area with quality brick restoration services for many years. We use the highest quality tools and the best techniques to make sure your bricks are free of soiling or any discoloration. When you team up with us, not even the keenest eye will be able to notice the difference.

Brick Discoloration

Bricks typically discolor due to water penetration, mold, age, and other issues. An unsightly discoloration is immune to traditional cleaning methods like power washing. Our decades-long experienced technicians follow a step-by-step process focused on restoring the discolored surface. We use state-of-the-art power washing machines, industrial masonry cleaners, and other high-tech restoration machines to eliminate brick discolorations and restore their original color.

Chimney Repair

The four major categories of chimney damages include:
  • Regular wear and tear. Well-built chimneys can last up to 100 years without scheduling routine repairs and maintenance. However, the mortar holding the masonry together isn't as durable and may last about 25 years. Once the mortar starts to crumble and crack, the masonry is exposed to moisture, leading to further moisture-related challenges. Additional chimney tear and wear challenges include cracked chimney crowns, deteriorating chimney flues, and leaky flashing.
  • Moisture. This is a complex challenge, especially since it can involve all the other categories of chimney damage.
  • Latent defect. Some of the possible latent chimney defects may include inadequate fireboxes, inoperative dampers, and improperly-sized chimneys.
  • Sudden events. Unexpected occurrences such as lightning often cause sudden chimney damage. Other sudden events may include fire breakouts, which can be highly intense that they destroy the flue liner and lead to a hazardous house fire.
  The good news is that our chimney repair experts in Dallas-Fort Worth can repair virtually any chimney damage. We can expertly repair and restore your chimney to its former look, from leaking and staining to leaning.
Over time, it is not uncommon to experience loose or crumbling brick. To protect your building, and to reinforce its structure, it is essential to have your brick restored or repair. Contact us with any questions regarding our brick restoration services


Brick repair for a historic building should be carried out by an experienced professional. Brick Experts DFW undertakes careful research and studies each building we are hired to restore in Fort Worth. Professional rebuilding and restoration begins with careful planning and a skilled inspection carried out by a member of our dedicated team. Our licensed and insured staff has the expertise required to conserve your building without taking away from its unique character.

Brick Restoration Services in Dallas-Fort Worth

At Brick Experts, we provide multiple restoration services to preserve your home's structural integrity and keep the visual appeal at its peak. Below are some of the brick restoration services we provide in Dallas-Fort Worth. 

Brick Veneer Walls

A typical brick problem is brick veneer walls typically breaking from their safety ties. Common causes include severe foundation movement, among others. Without early intervention, the walls become highly unstable, peel away, and collapse. At Bricks Experts, our brick repair experts help secure your structure and eliminate the chances of future damage.

Brick Crack Repair and Mortar Matching

Mortar color matching is a vital aspect of brick restoration. In a nutshell, mortar color matching is the process of matching the damaged brick surface to the rest of the structure's aesthetics. Usually, patch jobs tend to leave unsightly scars after an unprofessional brick repair by an expert who doesn't know how to match brick and mortar properly.  Our brick and mortar matching experts are well-trained in top-notch color-matching techniques. The experts carefully mix masonry stain with the mortar to get color consistency where the brick repair happened. After applying the materials, our experts will add irregularities typical in the area. Rest assured, you will get a perfectly uniform and well-done job.

Brick Restoration Experts in Dallas-Fort Worth

Our brick restoration technicians are expertly trained and skilled in providing a wide range of brick-related services. Regardless of the damage or brick challenge, our brick restoration experts have the requisite knowledge to repair and restore your brick.   Our brick repair and restoration guys are highly trained in performing different brick restoration and repair techniques to ensure top-tier workmanship. We employ varying restoration methods to help restore your brick structure's unique character and visual appeal.    We provide different brick restoration and related services, such as chimney repair and restoration, restoring brick colors, brick veneer wall repair and restoration, and brick crack repair and mortar matching.    Our services are fast and designed to ensure your brick's strength and durability. You can rely on Bricks Experts for a wide range of brick repair and related services. Contact us today by filling out our online form. Alternatively, call us at (817) 901 0236 for free to schedule an appointment with a brick restoration expert in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Choose Brick Experts for Brick Restoration

Offering brick restoration for many years in Fort Worth, Brick Experts DFW is familiar with the application of various techniques that repair a range of stone types. Fort Worth home or business owners and heritage preservation officials can trust the highly skilled staff of Fort Worth’s best choice for historic brick restoration.We will help you find Brick Restoration near you. To schedule an appointment for a free estimate or for further information please call (817) 901-0236 with any questions.
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