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Brick Tuckpointing Services. Brick Experts serves homeowners and businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with top-quality masonry solutions. Brick is a popular construction material in the region, and many properties could use occasional revitalization to keep them in the best shape possible. For this situation, brick tuckpointing can be one of the best options.


Fixing Exterior Brick Defects

Over time, bricks may start to crumble, crack, and decolor. Similarly, the mortar between the bricks will break down and darken. In short, like any other construction material, bricks need maintenance from time to time. During construction, laying mortar is referred to as pointing. The typical solution to aging or damaged mortar is called repointing. This is the process of removing the old mortgage and replacing it. While it is a very reliable way to fix the structural integrity of bricks and mortar, it isn’t always a perfect solution. While it is possible to reapply mortar and even patch damaged areas of brick walls, the results are often quite obvious. Typically, it can be challenging to match the existing brick pattern. Furthermore, it is often almost impossible to achieve the same coloration. Fortunately, there is another option: tuckpointing. If you need masonry repairs in Fort Worth, contact Brick Experts.

How Brick Tuckpointing Can Help

Tuckpointing takes repointing a step further. The old mortar is removed and replaced with a new, brick-colored mortar with tuckpointing. Then, the new mortar joints are filled with narrow lines of high-contrast putty. The key benefit of tuckpointing is that it can subtly fix any damage to the bricks. In many cases, bricks will have small chips and superficial damage. Tuckpointing applies mortar to these cracks to give them a like-new appearance. Then, the high-contrast putty makes the result look brand-new. This is also useful if any bricks need more significant repair. From even a short distance, tuckpointed bricks typically look pristine, even if there have been repairs made to the bricks. Learn more about tuckpointing from Brick Experts.

Is Brick Tuckpointing Right for Your Property?

Brick tuckpointing can help improve the appearance of any brick construction that is starting to show age and/or damage. If you want to correct crumbling mortar and chipped bricks but are concerned about the visual results of repointing, tuckpointing is likely right for you. If you contact us, we are happy to discuss tuckpointing with you and show you how big of a difference it can make. Reach out to our team today.

Brick Experts Can Revitalize Your Exterior Bricks

Brick construction is beautiful. However, it looks less attractive once the mortar starts to deteriorate and the bricks weather. Brick Experts can help revitalize the exterior of your property. With our brick tuckpointing service, your home or business will look better than ever. When you choose us, your work will be done by trained brick and masonry experts. We pay special attention to the details to ensure that every project finishes perfectly. Our clients have great things to say about our work, such as: “Crew knew what they were doing. The repair blended in with the original brickwork so you couldn't tell what had been repaired. Clean-up was excellent. Very pleased and would recommend their work without reservation.”

The Brick Tuckpointing Process

  1. Mortar Removal: The first step is to remove the existing, damaged mortar from the joints. This is typically done with a grinder.
  2. Clean-Up: Using a masonry brush and compressed air, we clean out the dust and debris.
  3. Mix Mortar: Next, we mix a batch of mortar to match the color of the bricks. This can quire some experimentation to get it just right.
  4. Fill Joints: We then use that mortar to fill in the joints that have been cleared out, starting with the horizontal joints.
  5. Smooth: Once the mortar has been placed, we smooth it out. In some cases, we may also apply an indentation to achieve the desired look.
  6. Create Lines: As the mortar hardens, we mark grooves that will be used for the putty lines.
  7. Apply Putty: Finally, we replicate the mortar lines using contrast putty.

A Beautiful New Façade

The results of brick tuckpointing are excellent. Your walls will look like they are brand new. This is one of the best ways to maintain brick construction if you want excellent aesthetic results. Plus, the process is relatively fast for repair work. You will have beautiful walls again before you know it.

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