Commercial Masonry Repair Contractors

Ancient kings built castles of stone that have lasted for centuries, but that legendary masonry still requires repair to prevent crumbling and keep out the damp. The same applies to modern commercial properties built with durable and majestic masonry designs. Whether you are maintaining a brick facade or a strong stone structure, commercial masonry repair ensures that your property remains safe and beautiful for decades. Perhaps even centuries with the right structure and care.   You can count on Brick Experts as top-of-the-line commercial masonry repair contractors providing services throughout the DFW metroplex.   

Common Masonry Repair Issues

Masonry can last a lifetime and longer, but it still requires regular maintenance. Mortar wears away, and some of your bricks may crack or crumble. These matters are easy to deal with if you catch them early and know what to look for. You can call your local masonry experts for a quick inspection or if you spot any of the following problems starting to develop in your brickwork.  

Bulging Bricks

When water penetrates and runs down the inside of your brick facade, you may begin to see bulging bricks. This bulge appears to be bricks pushing out from the rest of the wall, weakening the integrity of the entire brick structure. Fortunately, a few masonry repairs can resolve this issue and reduce future risks. Commercial masonry repair contractors can quickly resolve this unsightly and dangerous masonry issue.  


If your bricks lose their firm foundation, you may see signs of compaction where your bricks or stonework begin to sink. This issue often involves less-than-perfect hardscape design when the bricks are installed. Professional masonry technicians like The Brick Experts will know how to shore up your foundation and rescue your masonry before it sinks too far.  


Every masonry installation forms a few cracks. Structures are never perfectly stationary, and even small shifts in the soil, earthquakes, or impacts can cause a crack. If cracks are allowed to form unchecked, it will damage the appearance of your commercial property and increase the rate of further masonry damage over time. Experts can provide quick masonry repairs to replace cracked bricks and return your commercial masonry to a state of beauty and structural integrity.  

Crumbling Mortar

Remortaring is also a common necessity in commercial brick repair. However, crumbling mortar is often a sign of other moisture issues or instability, causing it to fall loose from its bricks. Your mortar repair team can not only replace the crumbling mortar, but we can also help you determine and prevent the original cause.  

Other Issues

Do your masonry repair concerns fall outside of the most common issues? Don't worry. The Brick Experts have seen it all. Discoloration and crumbling around a water feature? Signs of nesting in the nooks and crannies? Is masonry damage affecting your doors and windows? Recent masonry storm damage? Our expert masonry repair teams can handle it all.  

Commercial Masonry Repair Services

You can count on The Brick Experts for all your Dallas area commercial masonry repair services. We know our stone and brickwork, from private offices to majestic towers, from brick facades to solid stone structures, your commercial property's masonry is in good hands. After a professional inspection, we can provide you with a clear quote, then work together as partners to meet your needs based on time constraints, building traffic, and local codes. Our team will do everything we can to avoid interrupting your normal business operations during your masonry repairs.   

Professional Commercial Masonry Repair Services in Dallas, TX

Many buildings in the DFW metroplex are designed using solid bricks or finished with a warm and welcoming brick facade. Masonry is also popular for landscaping, hardscapes, interior lobby design, and decorative features. No matter how commercial masonry is built into your property, The Brick Experts are ready to become your go-to commercial masonry repair contractors.    From the first moment you see a crack or a crumble of mortar, our team is on the job and ready to keep your masonry in pristine, beautiful, and structurally sound condition. Your water features, facades, patios, and structural masonry are in good hands. With expert care, your masonry can join the ranks of castles and kings, lasting for centuries as a monument to human achievement. Contact us as soon as you see any signs of damage or discoloration in your brickwork, and let The Brick Experts take care of the rest.    

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Commercial Masonry Repair Contractors



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