Brick & Concrete Masonry Services in Plano, TX

Brick is not as common of a feature in buildings as it used to be. Many of the homes that appear to incorporate brick masonry use other synthetic materials. In Plano, TX, brick homes also tend to sell for higher prices than different types of houses in the same area of a similar size. Is it any wonder that so many people want to incorporate brick into their existing properties or plan to construct a brick building from the ground? Once built, brick buildings also need maintenance to keep them structurally sound and looking their best. The Brick Experts have years of experience in brick and concrete masonry and look forward to serving you in Plano, TX.

Our Services in Plano, TX 

Using brick to build is a historical art form that creates structures proven to stand the test of time. Concrete is a more contemporary building material, but it carries many of the same features and benefits that brick has to offer, such as strength and durability. These are the services we provide to help clients who enjoy brick and concrete buildings.
  • Masonry Construction: Whether you plan to build your new brick home from the ground up or remodel a retail store to include brick structures, we are happy to assist. We work with bricks in various sizes and shapes and can even take on masonry landscaping.
  • Masonry Repair: After years of exposure to the elements, bricks begin to show their age. The aging process does bring its charm, but maintenance is still key. From repairing brick patios to fixing the cracks in your brick chimney, our team has you covered.
  • Brick Restoration: Sometimes, brick damage is beyond regular repairs, such as when renovating a centuries-old or damaged brick building. However, restoration is still possible. Rely on our team to restore structural integrity and bring out the old beauty in the brickwork.
  • Matching Mortar: When repairing or restoring brickwork, one of the things property owners hate is how easy it often is to distinguish the new repairs from the existing structure. Our team can prevent or reduce this temporary eyesore by correctly matching the mortar.
  • Concrete Masonry: Most homes have concrete driveways, and basements are almost always made of concrete. We can also use concrete to build the entire home, upgrade bathrooms, add patios and decks, pave parking lots, create sidewalks, and add garden walkways.
  • Retaining Walls: Most people look for flat land to build, but many builders are eager to build on a slope. Retaining walls add structural strength to the foundation of a home and provide unique landscaping opportunities, such as terrace gardening.
  • Screen Walls: Screen walls are an excellent way to create privacy indoors and outdoors. Our team has the skills to develop these as either freestanding or attached structures, regardless of where you wish to place them. Use them to screen off a patio or separate a large room.
  • Chimney Repair: Brick chimney fireplaces are part of a traditional luxury that electric fireplaces can never truly replace. To keep them operational, inspection and repair are necessary. Some of the tasks we handle include crown repair, flue repair, brick tucking, blockage clearing, and weather damage repairs.

Why Choose Us for Masonry in Plano, TX

While brick and concrete remain two of the most durable materials for building homes in Plano, TX, when not installed properly and not maintained, they can lose their value and structural integrity. Brick Experts provides an experienced team of contractors who know stonework masonry inside out. Our company is also licensed, bonded, and insured to protect you better, your investment in your company, and our workers. To add to this, we offer extended warranties on the work we complete to give you even more peace of mind. Finally, you can expect high-quality work, affordable prices, and quick turnaround time. Do you have some brick or concrete work that you need to get done? We take on both commercial and residential projects in Plano, TX. Contact our office today to get a quote. We look forward to working with you. See our other services today!

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