Commercial Masonry Services in Fort Worth, TX

Optimized-New Construction 1 At Brick Experts DFW, we’re the premier masonry expert for commercial projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have years of experience satisfying our commercial customers with accurate quotes, superior customer support, and excellent masonry skills. While we work with many of our clients to provide our skills, experience, and knowledge to their new commercial construction masonry projects, we’re more than capable of taking on repairs. We’re experts on assessing damage to brick, concrete, and stone masonry, and we’ll work quickly to fix the issue. We’re the best in the business at mortar matching, so your new repairs will blend in seamlessly with the original structure. Not only that, but we also provide preventative maintenance services. This is a cost-effective service for our commercial customers, as we’ll prevent minor issues from becoming much more significant ones – both in terms of scope and cost – further down the road.

New Commercial Construction Masonry

Our skilled and expert masons can help with your new commercial construction project. We can be your partners on your new commercial or multifamily project. Our work can increase the value of the resulting property due to our use of durable materials, effective methods, and design aesthetics. We know that many projects are held up during the masonry process. Our team works quickly and efficiently so that our work fits perfectly into the overall construction schedule. We’ll be your true partners on your new construction project, and your clients will be amazed by how well the masonry turned out.

Commercial Masonry Repair

It’s important to repair masonry issues quickly on your commercial building. Not only can the damaged portion be an eyesore and detract from your building’s overall beauty, but loose brick or concrete blocks can quickly turn into a dangerous situation capable of property damage and personal injury. Our team will work quickly to identify the underlying issue at hand and make repairs. This helps fix the current issue as well as prevent further issues. We also know that masonry repairs on commercial buildings can have restraints based on time, traffic, and local code. Our team will work around those constraints and follow all local code so as not to interfere with your normal operations as best we can.

Commercial Caulking

Caulking is an essential component of any construction or repair project. Exterior commercial caulking can help prevent water or pests from finding a way inside. Interior caulking prevents drafts and water from leaky plumbing fixtures from becoming an annoyance, or worse, to anyone inside. Our team uses quality caulking materials both inside and outside. We use a variety of waterproof, fire-resistant, and latex-based caulks depending on the specific project’s needs.

Concrete Parking Lots

Your parking lot says a lot about your business. A pristine one shows that you care about your customers and their safety. One riddled with potholes, dents, and worn from use, and the elements may indicate something else. As expert concrete masons with an in-depth knowledge of local building code for commercial structures, we can quickly and efficiently create a new parking lot for your business or repair an old one. We’ll do so in a way that keeps your customers safe, limits potential disruptions, and creates a durable surface that should put off necessary repairs for years.

Commercial Stone Masonry

Stonemasonry is durable and adds a distinctive look to your commercial project. Our team provides both structural and decorative commercial stone masonry services. We’re comfortable with a wide variety of stone materials, too, so we can help achieve your desired style while offering quality workmanship at a reasonable cost. Whether you’re looking for a stone pathway, archway, fireplace, or something else, our expert stone masons will be your partner in understanding your needs and working hard to meet them.

What You Can Expect

We believe in the value of hard work and customer service. We’re never satisfied with meeting a client’s bare minimum expectations. Instead, we want to show you that not only do we understand your ultimate goal of a project, but that we can also exceed them by providing quality work and paying attention to the details. Our deep knowledge of local codes and safety means that we’ll always work to minimize disruptions to your business or construction project. It also means that we’ll get the job done right the first time and leave you with no surprises after we’ve left the job site. New Construction 2 (1)

Call the Brick Experts for Your Commercial Masonry Project

Whether you have a new commercial masonry project, need repairs, or require the services of concrete or stonemason, our team at the Brick Experts DFW is here to help. We provide free, accurate quotes, and we’ll work quickly to understand your needs and concerns.

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