When building, remodeling, or updating a Dallas-Fort Worth home, you have an excellent opportunity to define your style with exterior natural stone. Humans have been building home exteriors from stone for as long as we have needed shelter. While the original stone selection was based on what's nearby, you can access stone from quarries worldwide.

Now is your chance to explore the different types of exterior house stone and decide the impression your home will make on the block in color, texture, and even how it looks in the rain. Brick Experts can help you choose the perfect stone for your DFW home exterior.

Most Common Exterior Stone for DFW Homes

The following seven types of stone for houses are the most common in the Metroplex, ranging from glittering quartzite to stately to timeless granite to warm sandstone.


Quartzite is a naturally hard stone with a high percentage of quartz. You can find it in natural stone or brick, in a range of gray to warm mixed hues of tan and amber. While subtle in the shade, what makes quartzite unique is its faint sparkle in direct sunlight.


Flint is a mottled gray-blue stone with a classic look. Homes clad in flint stone tend to look textured with a stately appearance favored by churches and cottage farmhouses in England, often cut and arranged for subtle artistry.


Travertine is a beautiful smooth stone that is warm in hue and creamy in texture. It is a sedimentary rock and a type of sandstone. You can find it in pastel pink, orange, yellow, and tan, and you can choose between a uniform look for your home or a beautiful blend. Travertine is resistant to heat, pressure, and wear, making it ideal for a Texas home exterior.


Limestone is one of the most useful stones in modern construction. It is also great for Dallas homes because it provides natural cooling when cut into stones and used for the exterior. It is a soft stone that is easy to carve and porous, which means it darkens in the rain and scratches or stains more easily than most. Limestone gleams in the sunshine and is ideal for hot, dry climates.


Granite is a stately stone used in interior and exterior home construction. While a favorite for kitchen countertops and mantlepieces, granite also makes a beautiful exterior stone. Granite-clad homes tend to be dark gray, but granite comes in many hues with beautiful veins of minerals to add subtle accents to your home's appearance.


You can even clad your home in marble blocks. Sealed marble makes a stunning exterior. Typically found in white, black, pink, or dark green, marble is a classic stone used to make homes beautiful since the dawn of civilization. However, it is softer and more delicate than most stones and will require maintenance.


Sandstone is a soft yet durable stone used to build in hot climates. Sandstone gleams in a range of white and yellow and, while scratchable, will stand the test of time like the pyramids of Egypt.

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