Your home is made up of different types of walls, so when you are ready to build an addition or remodel your house, you need the help of a professional who is experienced with various wall building materials. As Brick Experts, we have the knowledge and tools needed to erect a wide variety of walls for people who live in and around Dallas Fort Worth. We are happy to help you determine which type of wall best meets your needs!

Load-Bearing Walls

Particular walls in your home are load-bearing, which means they support the second story, attic, or roof of your home. You can’t remove these load-bearing walls without redistributing the weight on them. These walls are often made of durable materials such as metal, bricks, or steel to evenly redistribute the weight on top of them down to the foundation. There are several types of load-bearing walls.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is used to hold the dirt back rather than distribute the weight of a building, but it is still considered load-bearing because it must still be strong to hold up against incredible pressure. You may need a retaining wall if you have a basement or live on a steep hill. They are often made of brick or stone and offer the following benefits.
  • They prevent erosion.
  • They offer an attractive property boundary line.
  • They serve as an eye-catching landscape feature.
  • They prevent flooding.

Masonry Walls

Brick walls are commonly used to create the exterior walls of a building. They are strong, durable, and do not break easily, so bricks are ideal for building a load-bearing wall. An additional bonus is that bricks come in many colors and patterns, so if you choose to use masonry walls for the exterior of your house, you can easily customize its appearance.

Non-Load-Bearing Walls

Many of the walls inside a building are non-load-bearing. Instead of redistributing weight from above, these walls simply serve as boundaries between rooms and can be removed easily without changing the building’s structure. Often called partition walls, these structures are usually made of wood and stuffed with insulation to create substantial barriers between rooms.

Screen Walls

Screen walls are often used on the inside of exterior walls to provide additional protection from outside elements. They can help prevent moisture from creeping into your home as well as provide ventilation.

Cavity Walls

Made of lightweight concrete bricks, cavity walls are constructed just inside of exterior walls to improve insulation. Similar to screen walls, cavity walls also prevent moisture from entering the home. The key difference is that cavity walls are capable of helping to distribute weight rather than just blocking off a room.

Glass Walls

Glass walls are most often used in bathrooms to partition small spaces. A glass wall offers no structural value but is a great way to improve the aesthetic of the interior of your home. These walls work well in offices as they let in large amounts of natural light. If you have plenty of load-bearing walls, consider using a glass wall on the exterior of your home for an elegant focal point.

Partial Walls

Similar to glass walls, partial walls offer no structural value, but they can have a drastic impact on the aesthetic of your home. These walls do not stretch from the floor to the ceiling as entire walls do, so they are strictly for cosmetic purposes. However, erecting one is a great way to divide a room without making it feel small and cramped. Having a partial wall gives you the feel of an open concept room while helping you fill empty space.

Curtain Walls

These walls are the ones you often see between bedrooms. They are simple and thin because they are solely intended to partition your house rather than support the story above. The most significant benefit to this type of wall is that it can easily be installed at any time, so you can change the layout of your home without having to redistribute weight. For example, you can easily transform a large bonus room into two small bedrooms by simply erecting a curtain wall.

Brick & Wall Services in Dallas - Fort Worth, TX

At Brick Experts, we specialize in building all of these types of walls. Whether you need a load-bearing or non-load-bearing wall, you can trust our team of experts to provide you with top-notch masonry service in the communities surrounding Dallas and Fort Worth. Whether you live in Frisco, Richardson, Flower Mound, or Plano, we are ready to help you build the walls you need. Contact us today for more information.

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