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Regardless of color, brick is a common building material utilized for brick construction. However, matching a brick precisely can be challenging due to its variation in size, color, and texture. Accuracy is vital when matching bricks, thus calling for the need to hire a professional brick matching contractor. Brick Experts is an industry leader in providing top-of-the-line masonry services in Dallas-Fort Worth. At Brick Experts, we locally source and match brick according to our client's needs and preferences. Whether you plan to match old or repair damaged brickwork, we've covered you.  

How to Match Brick for Repairs and Additions

Matching bricks requires precision and a keen eye for detail. Below are the three key considerations when matching your bricks or sourcing bricks for a repair/addition project.
  1. Size. While brick sizes vary, it is always advisable to source the original brick size to guarantee consistency and a proper visual appeal.
  2. Color. Brick color stems from the raw materials utilized in the brick manufacturing process. Color shade variance isn't a strange concept. Therefore, even if you find the perfect match, providing a precise forecast and timeline is critical to guarantee that your structure comes from the same batch.
  3. Texture. Do your original bricks have a heavy, light, or smooth texture? Brick matching to the original brickwork texture helps maintain a consistent feel and appearance. While your new brickwork may look appealing from a distance, the unmatched texture gradually becomes noticeable the closer you get.
Here is how to match brick with the help of a professional brick matching service expert.  

Find the Brick

Start your brick search as early as possible if you are planning brick repairs or restoration. Starting searching allows you more options and a greater chance to match your bricks by color, size, and texture. Finding out if the original bricks are still in production increases your chances of getting an exact match. If possible, carry a sample that meets all your size, texture, and color specs, then compare it with your existing brickwork. Our brick matching experts in Dallas-Fort Worth can recommend brick suppliers with multiple brick options.  

Blend Two or More Brick Types to Match the Range of the Original Wall

Unfortunately, it isn't always possible for a single brick to provide you with the full-color range to match your original brickwork. The ideal solution in such a case is to blend two or more brick types that function together to give you the desired colored range.

Stain When Necessary to Improve the Brick Match

Despite every possible effort to match your brickwork, it is possible not to find what you seek. Do you consider complex blending too impractical for a specific project? In such an event, experts recommend looking for bricks that match in size and texture and an almost similar color match. An almost similar color match reduces the need for staining. Less staining means reduced costs and an easy color-matching process to improve the chances of an exact match.  

Fast and Accommodating Brick Repairs

Brick damage is not only inconvenient but also costly. Unfortunately, brick forms a vital part of a property's structural integrity, meaning any damage must be repaired as quickly as possible. On the bright side, our brick repair experts in Dallas-Fort Worth understand the urgency of a brick repair project. Our brick repair experts will show up in the shortest time after your call, ready and fully equipped with the tools, expertise, and experience to repair your brickwork. Our brick repair services are highly accommodating to your busy schedule.

Affordable Brick Matching Services

Are you looking for a reasonably priced brick matcher in Dallas-Fort Worth? At Brick Experts, we price our brick matching service with your budget in mind. Request a quote to get the best prices for brick-matching services.

Masons Committed to Customer Care

At the peak of every interaction lies an element of professionalism. We thrive on customer satisfaction and tailor our masonry services to attain client satisfaction. Rest assured, we will give you the maximum attention to address your issue if you have any concerns, complaints, questions, or recommendations. As an industry leader, we are committed to ensuring our masons and staff understand and abide by the simplest of customer care principles.

Brick and Masonry Restoration in Dallas

Join the many homeowners who trust us to restore and repair their brickwork in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our team of professionals strives to deliver excellent customer service and high-quality workmanship every time. We can also answer any questions you might have regarding our services. Contact us to schedule our services or consultations with brickwork experts.  



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