Masonry Fireplace Installation in Dallas, TX


When searching for a house, homebuyers look for favorite amenities like fireplaces that add value to a home. Fireplace installation can take place inside or outside your house, and you have various options to consider. Unfortunately, DIY fireplace installation can pose risks due to incorrect installation, such as fire hazards and indoor pollution. The best way to prevent these fireplace risks is by hiring a professional installer like Brick Experts to light up your hearth. If you are considering a fireplace installation in Dallas, we are here to offer you the best installation services.


Types of Fireplaces

Before installing a fireplace in Dallas, you should decide the ideal choice that matches your home design. There are various options to consider, and installation depends on your preference. Here are some fireplace options available at Brick Experts.

Masonry Fireplaces

A masonry fireplace is made from brick, stone, and mortar. It consists of a brick firebox and chimney that extends to the roof. Masonry fireplaces offer a rustic natural look and feel and are dear to most homes. You can use a masonry fireplace to warm the house, cook food, save energy costs and create an aesthetic appeal. A wood-burning masonry fireplace is the most attractive and impressive looking but also the most expensive option. The first step to masonry fireplace installation in Dallas is identifying the ideal location. Many homeowners install fireplaces in their living rooms, and so should you. Masonry fireplaces are heavier and hence require a proper footing underneath the hearth. It would be best if you reinforced the concrete footing to hold the extra weight of the fireplace. The footing depth will depend on the chimney weight, the firebox, and the hearth. Additionally, it would be best to elevate your indoor masonry fireplace off the floor. You can do this by laying one or two concrete blocks on your concrete floor. When installing a fireplace, it's essential to have a fire-resistant mortar.

Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace creates a welcoming and attractive environment in your backyard or living area. It's a perfect amenity for family or social gatherings. Before installing an outdoor fireplace, consider the zoning regulations in your area. You should also decide on a suitable location depending on the wind and smoke direction. It's essential to hire a qualified builder and mason like Brick Experts for fireplace installation in Dallas. We are familiar with Dallas-Fort Worth building codes, and we'll build an outdoor fireplace in line with all regulations. Follow these steps to build an outdoor fireplace in Dallas:
  • Excavate and pour footings: Once you pick an ideal location for your outdoor fireplace, excavate for footing. You want to have a solid footing to hold the heavy outdoor hearth. The appropriate depths for your fireplace footings will depend on local building codes. Once you're done with the concrete footing, leave it for about 24 hours to cure.
  • Build the base and firebox: Use a solid 4 ft block to build a level base for your firebox. Next, use refractory cement and firebrick to create your firebox to your ideal size. Keep all firebox surfaces leveled, plumb, and square.
  • Build the throat and flue: The throat is where the firebox narrows into the flue liners. You'll need to decrease the size of the throat until it fits the size of your flue liners.
Stonework: Choose an ideal stone type and style to match your needs. Then, set the stones in a mortar bed.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Beautiful Fireplace

Once you've installed your beautiful masonry or outdoor fireplace, it's time to enjoy the benefits, including;

Enhanced Home Appearance and Aesthetics

Let's transform your home appearance with a well-installed fireplace. You can choose your preferred stonework and hardscaping to improve your home's aesthetics.

Increased Property Values

A beautifully-installed fireplace will draw homebuyers to purchasing your property. Such an installation helps save energy costs. Many homebuyers are willing to spend a fortune to experience the feeling of a rustic and elegant fireplace in their homes.

A Space to Entertain

An outdoor fireplace will create an inviting environment for hosting all types of gatherings. You can enjoy great conversations and laughs while creating beautiful memories.

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Why Choose Brick Experts

Masonry work, including fireplace installation in Dallas, TX, requires a specialized skill. Brick Experts have the experience and expertise to install a beautiful fireplace in Dallas. We work with you throughout the installation process, ensuring that everything is per your requirements.    Our experienced and licensed masons use the best materials and resources to create a cozy fireplace that adds to your property value. Our services meet the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.

Choose Brick Experts for Fireplace Installation in Dallas 

A well-installed fireplace will warm up your space, save energy costs, and increase your property value. You can choose between masonry and outdoor fireplaces, depending on your needs. However, for the best outcomes, it is essential to hire a qualified and experienced mason for fireplace installation. Brick Experts offers the best fireplace installations in Dallas, TX. Contact us today to get a quote.


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