Brick & Concrete Masonry Near Irving, TX

Brick Experts are the Irving, TX, concrete and brick masonry experts. Our masons are superior craftsmen, with the knowledge, experience, and skills to consistently satisfy and amaze customers. We operate with a customer focus to ensure the job isn’t done until we get it right, and you’re happy with the work. If you need masonry services, check out how we can help.

Our Irving, TX Services

Matching Mortar

While we offer various high-quality masonry services, we take special pride in our matching mortar abilities. Unmatched mortar can be a blemish on an otherwise beautiful work of masonry. It takes skill and precision to find the perfect mix of hydrated lime, sand, and cement to repair mortar and leave it looking like the original composition. This skill is needed because the remaining mortar on a structure has likely faded due to aging, exposure to the sun, and pollutants.

Masonry Construction

We offer customer masonry construction, so we can fit into any sized budget. We use various stone, ceramic, and concrete stone and blocks, so we can also fit into almost any design scenario. Our masonry construction services have been used to remodel residential kitchens, basements, office spaces, retail stores, and even hotels. We can also help with home additions or practically any other commercial or residential masonry project. Our masons are proficient at quick upgrades and new construction. We’ll design and plan based on the scope of the project, as well as your budget, to ensure your needs are met.

Masonry Repair

Brick and concrete work are known for their durable and reliable nature. However, they still can suffer from old age and damage. We can inspect your masonry to assess the underlying issues and offer a free estimate, so you’re fully informed before hiring us. If you notice signs of damage in your brick or concrete structure, it’s essential to seek repairs as soon as possible. Cracks and other wear and tear can quickly turn into larger, more expensive issues, as these are signs that the structure may no longer be stable. If repairs aren’t immediately sought, it could result in property damage or personal injury.

Brick Restoration

Brick structures can last for decades, if not centuries. However, bricks and their mortar can fade and tarnish over time as they’re exposed to the elements. As this occurs, the awe-inspiring structure’s looks can end up diminished. Each brick structure is unique, so we treat each structure uniquely. One-size-fit-all solutions won’t work here, as construction methods change over time. We understand this and incorporate it into our restoration methods, so the result doesn’t look like a patchwork of different designs. Safety can also be a significant concern when it comes to restoration. We take steps to ensure we never harm the building’s structural integrity, and we will always emphasize safety in all of our work.

Concrete Masonry

Whether you need a concrete foundation, new deck, walkway, sidewalk, or parking lot, our concrete masons can help. We’re also happy to inspect current concrete structures to assess the damage and provide the necessary repairs. Due to our masonry services’ breadth, we’re capable of handling all aspects of your masonry needs, too. So, instead of dealing with multiple contractors for your new driveway, new brickwork, and repairs, you can choose us and let us tackle all of your mason work.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls offer plenty of benefits to almost any yard, from slope management to drainage control. Beyond these practical matters, retaining walls can also provide another viewpoint for your landscape and add to the property’s visual appeal. We’ll use the highest quality materials, so you’re left satisfied with both the aesthetics and the durability of your new retaining wall. We can also help you decide what type of retaining wall is best for your property.

Screen Walls

Screen walls add privacy, shade, and aesthetics to any property. They can be constructed both inside and out and attached to another wall or freestanding. Our team can help you design to ensure it meets your visual standards. Our knowledge of local code and regulations also cuts down on red tape that can delay projects. Since we prioritize you, our customer, you’ll be left fully satisfied with both the looks and practicality of your new screen wall.

Chimney Repair

We offer several chimney repair services:
  • Flue repair
  • Brick tucking and pointing
  • Weather damage repair
  • Chimney blockage
  • Creosote buildup
  • The chimney cap and crown repair
So, if you notice mortar damage, firebox damage, white staining, or weird smells, reach out to us as soon as possible. We can help restore your chimney and ensure it’s working correctly and structurally sound.

Brick Experts Are Here For Your Irving, TX, Masonry Needs

Our masons are craftsmen and artisans. We know the inherent beauty that comes from a well-constructed masonry project, and we understand the practical nature of using brick or concrete in construction. That’s why we’re the right company for your masonry needs. However, it’s not our work that separates us. We truly prioritize and value our customers. Our services can fit into almost any budget, and we’ll work around your schedule and respect your property. Call us today at 817-901-0236, so we can discuss how our masons can help your property. See our other Services today!

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