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Masonry Repair in Plano

Many Plano homeowners love the look and feel that traditional brick lends to their houses. And brick not only looks great, but it’s also an extremely durable material. No wonder the fine art of masonry has been around since the earliest days of human civilization! In fact, humans have been using brick facades to increase curb appeal since the time of the ancient Romans!

But brick isn’t completely immune to the passage of time, nor the wear and tear that regular exposure to the elements provides! If brick gets either too dry or too wet, it’s easy for cracks to form and erosion to take its toll on your Plano home’s exterior.

The Importance of Brick Repointing

If you notice that the mortar that bonds the bricks of your home is looking discolored or worn, it’s important to know the steps involved for DIY brick repointing. While it may seem simple, replenishing the mortar with a quality repointing job is more difficult than it looks. That’s why the experts at Brick Experts DFW have put together this step-by-step guide to fixing cracks in brick walls using brick repointing techniques. It’s one of the simplest aspects of masonry repair!

    Remove the Old Damaged Mortar Be sure to use rubber gloves and safety equipment for this step! Mortar must be dissolved by muriatic acid, a strong acid you can buy at your local hardware store. After you apply the acid, the mortar’s chemical bonds are weakened, allowing you to painstakingly scrape the existing mortar out and replace it with new pointing.

  • Find the Right Mortar and Bonding Agent For masonry repair services, the right material makes a big difference. You want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your mortar and bonding agents are mixed correctly. If your mortar is too thick, it may not dry properly. Too thin? Your mortar could dry before you have applied it all, causing it to crumble. Take a look at some online videos to get a feel for the right consistency. And if you still need help, call Brick Experts DFW for a second pair of eyes!
  • Gently Apply the Mortar With a Pointing Trowel This part is harder than it looks. You need to apply an even coat between every space in your brick wall or chimney. This could mean hours spent on a ladder applying it evenly. We’re not going to lie—as professional masons, there’s no easy fix for this part of the job! And an incomplete or rushed job means your brick is vulnerable to water or heat, meaning you’ll need to spring for a professional masonry repair job sooner than expected.

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If you’re struggling with tuck pointing or any other aspect of masonry repair, give Brick Experts DFW a call. Remember that there’s no shame in needing help with everyday masonry repair services. Give us a call for a free estimate!