Brick walls are timeless, stately, and forever en vogue, but they need occasional maintenance and repair to look their best. Often, the mortar joints between bricks can begin to crumble, allowing water, salt deposits, and other elements to seep into the brick structure, compromising its integrity. If left untreated, your bricks can suffer both aesthetically and in strength. Luckily, two main masonry repair methods will make them good as new. Although they are commonly used interchangeably, repointing vs. tuckpointing are very different methods that produce similar results. Learn more about each technique to determine which is best for your home or business.

Repointing VS. Tuckpointing

When comparing repointing vs. tuckpointing, it's easy to see why many people confuse the two terms. Both methods work to remove damaged mortar while repairing it in the process, but they are performed very differently. Tuckpointing also has an added aesthetic benefit. Let's look at tuckpointing vs. repointing to see how each method is implemented and the end result.

What Is The Purpose Of Repointing?

Repointing masonry is a very effective method of repairing crumbling or dusty mortar. When the mortar joints begin to crumble and decay, it leaves open spaces for water and other elements to seep inside. If left in disrepair, your mortar will slowly erode, leading to significant damage to the integrity of your brick wall. Repointing masonry is a preventative masonry repair service that effectively seals these damaged masonry joints, so they remain sturdy and strong.

What Is The Purpose Of Tuckpointing?

Similarly, tuckpointing is a method that repairs crumbling or deteriorating mortar, so the bricks remain sturdy and watertight. Tuckpointing differs from repointing by focusing on the finished repair's look. A masonry repairman will use two different shades of mortar to make the area look clean and precise. The first, a white mortar, is used to fill the center of the joints, creating a clean and effectively repaired surface. The second mortar is brick-colored, and it's used to create the illusion that the mortar joints are perfectly straight. Your brick wall isn't just repaired; it also looks better than ever.

One Common Goal

Regarding repointing vs. tuckpointing, each method has a similar goal. Our masonry expert uses the best technique to repair the mortar between your bricks so water, salt deposit, and other elements can seep inside. Once this happens, the integrity of your brick structure is compromised, quickly weakening the entire structure and lessening its lifespan. Due to weakening, it is important to have cracks, holes, and damaged mortar repaired at the first sign of an issue. It is also smart to have a masonry expert check your bricks annually to provide necessary maintenance, ensuring that your bricks remain strong, sturdy, and durable.

The Cost Of Repointing And Tuckpointing

As you compare the cost of repointing vs. tuckpointing, you'll see that tuckpointing is typically more expensive. When you hire someone to do tuckpointing masonry repair, 90% of your bill will likely go toward your masonry professional's labor and skill set. That's because the white mortar and other necessary supplies are fairly inexpensive. When it comes to tuckpointing, on the other hand, you're paying for two different shades of mortar, a masonry expert's skills and labor, and the additional cost of their artistry. It takes additional supplies and better precision to create the illusion of straight bricks with tuckpointing, and you can expect to pay a little more for this service. In the end, tuckpointing is typically more expensive, but you must determine whether the ROI is worth it. The aesthetic value that comes with tuckpointing will certainly look better, and it'll likely increase the curb appeal of your home or business. The location of your repairs will also determine your final cost. Consider whether your bricks are easy to access and if your masonry expert will need to use scaffolding to reach the area. If scaffolding is necessary, it will be reflected in your final cost.

Expert Masonry Services In Dallas, TX

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