Brick Experts constructs arches, pillars, and columns with exceptional workmanship to provide homeowners with the quality they deserve. Our team of experienced experts go the extra mile to design sturdy and durable brick pillars, arches, and columns that boost the general appeal of your house. We understand that bricks are undeniably beautiful, and we put in the work to incorporate them accordingly to fit the natural beauty of your home's exterior. Our masons understand the  construction standards, rules, and regulations of Dallas-Fort Worth, and will ensure your project meets all set construction standards. We provide nothing less than high-quality services. Call us at (817) 901-0236 to get started.    

Brick Arches Construction Services

Arch construction demands extensive skill, high-level planning, and proper geometry. This is why at Brick Experts DFW, we have professionals well equipped to design suitable brick arches for your home that are long-lasting and require low maintenance. Our experts prioritize our customers' design needs and will construct arches customized to your preferences.   Different arches have been designed over the years, and currently, there is a broad range of options to choose from. Settling on an arch design for your home may be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with arch construction. Luckily, our masons are here to guide you in making the appropriate decision as they are very well-acquainted with the different arch types.   Some of these arch-shape designs include:  
  • Flat arches
  • Pointed shape arch
  • Horseshoe-shaped arch
  • Semi-elliptical arch
  • Segmental arch
  • Semi-circular arch
  • Venetian arch
  • Relieving arch

Brick Columns Construction Services

Columns are one of your home's main load-bearing structures and therefore need to be constructed carefully to be strong enough to accommodate the load. Poor column construction by an inexperienced contractor is an accident waiting to happen. Columns are delicate structures that require the best building materials and skills. Using materials that are not up to standards will result in the collapse of your columns and, by extension, your house.   At Brick Experts DFW, we do not take your safety for granted!   Our experts are certified, have years of experience, and are appropriately equipped to construct strong brick columns. Our masons will build you a sturdy and adequately supported base to prevent any incidents like collapses. We also choose construction materials that are within your budget while still complying with the required standards of column stability.  

Brick Pillars Construction Services

One of the major challenges homeowners face with their brick pillars is cracking and flaking. Unfortunately, this will significantly diminish the appeal of your home and weaken the stability of your pillar. To reduce the risk of your pillar cracking and flaking, it is highly recommended to let professionals handle its construction.   At Brick Experts DFW, we preserve your brick pillar's structural integrity, its durability and add appropriate reinforcements where necessary. We will also customize your pillars to add a classic touch to your home's aesthetic and further highlight its architectural beauty.  

What To Expect From Brick Experts DFW

Are you considering constructing brick arches, pillars, or columns for your Fort Worth, TX home? Brick Experts DFW offers you services you can trust, and our considerable skills and years of experience allow us to provide undisputed high-quality services. Here's why you should consider hiring us for your masonry needs:  
  • We offer affordable services without compromising on quality
  • We use the finest construction equipment
  • Our masons are certified and well-acquainted with construction standards in Fort Worth
  • Our success rates are based on complete customer satisfaction

Skilled Services For Your Brick Arches, Pillars & Columns In Fort Worth, TX

Trust our experts at Brick Experts DFW to construct arches, pillars, and columns that will surpass your set expectations. Our team offers great customer service and useful tips on how to proceed with construction. We will take you through the different designs that best suit your home, and only start building when you are confident about the chosen plans. Contact us today or call us at (817) 901-0236 for further information or inquiries on our services.

Why Choose Brick Experts?

Brick Experts has the experience and expertise to handle any chimney flue repair in Fort Worth, TX. Masonry repair of any type takes specialized skill: it is important to match the masonry work of the original structure while identifying any areas of defects and the reasons for concerns before embarking on the repair project. Brick Experts will carefully work to preserve masonry structures to ensure that the aesthetic remains consistent and that any repair is carefully done — ideally, to prevent recurring difficulties. Possible work may include:
  • Repairs due to weather damage
  • Brick tucking and pointing
  • Removing any blockages and creosote buildup
  • Ensuring the chimney cap is secure and prevents further damage
  • Much more

Brick Experts Can Get the Job Done

Whatever your needs, our experienced masonry professionals will assist with any chimney flue repair in Fort Worth, TX. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we can ensure that any repair carefully preserves your building's structural integrity, while also ensuring that we carefully match all aesthetic choices throughout. Do not wait — ensure that your chimney and flue are stable and secure. For more information or to ask any questions, contact Brick Experts online or at (817) 901-0236.


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