Brick is a beautiful and classic way to build, whether the brick is your primary building material, veneer, or outdoor structure. The bricks themselves will set your color palette, but the color of your mortar is surprisingly important. If you have ever contemplated the beauty of a fresh and well-maintained brick wall, you may notice the elegance of contrast and color coordination with the mortar lines between every brick. Most people do not realize that there are different colors of mortar, but the subtle tone of your mortar mix sets the stage for the beauty of your brick. The question is: How do you choose the correct brick color and styles to create the best possible visual effect? Brick Experts is proud to offer answers and solutions for brickwork in Dallas and surrounding areas.

Tips for Choosing the Best Mortar Color for Your Masonry Projects

Choosing the right mortar colors depends on the bricks, the environment, and the look you plan to create. Mortar typically ranges from a cool gray-tinted white to warm amber, but unique and darker mortar combinations can also be found to create a striking effect. We can help you choose the right mortar for your brick colors with a few useful tips.

Consider the Brick Color

First, consider the color palette created by your brick colors. Some popular brick colors can be one solid color or shade, while others have an attractive blend that creates an elegant, stately, warm, and inviting palette. Brick mortar colors are typically lighter than the brick while complimenting the hues. Some prefer their mortar to contrast, while others prefer it to blend.

Check Out the Current Popular Trends & Styles

Study different styles and recent brickwork trends to see how your choice of mortar color can make a real difference. Look for styles that achieve the effect you'd like with your brickwork or that match other trending architecture nearby.

See How the Colors Appear Under Different Lighting Conditions

Indoors or outdoors, your bricks may be seen in different lighting over time. Outdoor brick is seen during day and night, sunrise, sunset, and stormy weather. Indoor brick is seen in light and dark and sometimes with accent lighting. The appearance of your bricks and mortar colors may change depending on the lighting, so look into the differences when choosing your mortar.

Refer to Your Taste

Of course, in many cases, your taste is what matters most. Choose the brick-mortar color selection that makes your brickwork most attractive.

Get a Professional Opinion

If you're unsure, you can always ask brick professionals who know the right look and feel for bricks in many different contexts. Our Brick Experts team can provide useful insights into exploring the different effects of your mortar color choice. Consult with Brick Experts for masonry services and an expert opinion. Our team can help you design your structure and the right color palette simultaneously.

Brick Masonry Construction & Restoration Services

With new brick construction, choosing brick-and-mortar colors is entirely up to you. With restorations, Brick Experts can help to acutely match the original mortar used in your structures to perfectly recreate the brickwork when it was first built. Mortar-matching is one of our specialties, making brick restoration a proud and constant project among historic homes and businesses of Dallas.

Contact the Brick & Mortar Masonry Pros in Dallas, TX

Whether building or restoring brickwork on your property, Brick Experts can help you choose the ideal mortar color for every occasion. Consult us on complementary mortar colors with your chosen color palette of bricks, or request mortar color-matching in restorations. We'll ensure your bricks look stunning upon completion. Contact us today to learn more.