Bricks are one of the most resilient building materials, and they're known for being long-lasting and low-maintenance. Usually, a brick structure can last for several decades with little care. However, when brick spalling occurs, it's essential to take action right away. Otherwise, minor cracks can quickly become a crumbling mess. As a top-rated company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Brick Experts are here to go over some of the causes and solutions for brick spalling so you can avoid extensive—and expensive—repairs.

What is Spalling Brick and What Causes It?

Brick spalling is a term that describes the cracking and crumbling that occurs on the faces of bricks. Let's look at some of the main reasons this can occur.


When rain, snow, or even wet soil penetrates the surface, a brick can soak it up like a sponge. As temperatures rise, the moisture freezes and expands, only to thaw when the temperatures rise again. This freeze-thaw cycle leads to tiny cracks that eventually lead to large crevices. Without swift repair, the surface of your bricks will begin to crumble or spall.

Non-Breathable Sealants

Most people believe that sealants will keep water from penetrating their masonry, but this isn't necessarily true. Bricks are like sponges, and their natural pores absorb water and release it with ease. When a non-breathable sealant is applied to the masonry, the pores are clogged and cannot work properly. This can lead to water becoming trapped inside, which can lead to spalling bricks.

Improper Installation

Special bricks must be used when placing them at or below grade level. If cracks start to show, improper bricks may be the culprit. A masonry expert can quickly identify and resolve this issue.

High-Pressure Cleaning

Bricks can take a beating from the elements, but they're vulnerable when it comes to high-pressure cleaning. Blasting them with water or sand can quickly damage your bricks, which can cause them to deteriorate and crumble. When this happens, the integrity of your structure is affected and needs to be repaired.

Why it's Important to Repair Spalling Brick

Spalling bricks are a sign that your structure needs attention. Without quick attention, you face a number of risks. Spalling bricks can quickly lead to:

  • Health problems from mold that grows in your masonry
  • Safety concerns from a structural collapse
  • Damage that spreads and affects other parts of your structure

Spalling bricks are a symptom of an underlying problem. The best way to avoid crumbling bricks is to prevent spalling from occurring in the first place. Once it begins, you have to address the underlying problem or risk major structural repairs down the road.

Why to Hire an Expert to Deal with Brick Spalling

When caught at an early stage, brick spalling is a budget-friendly and relatively easy fix. Unfortunately, it can be hard to determine the cause. An experienced masonry expert knows how to identify the underlying cause, clean up the area, and provide a solution that protects the integrity of your structure. Without quick intervention, your structure is at risk of irreparable damage.

Although most home projects are DIY-friendly, it's best to leave the masonry repair to the pros.

Don't Ignore Crumbling Bricks!

Brick spalling is a sign that something's wrong with your structure. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away!

At Brick Experts, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our masonry experts have the tools and equipment to diagnose your masonry problems and make the necessary repairs properly.

Our top-rated company is proud to serve the Dallas Metroplex and surrounding areas with professional masonry services at a fair price. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Image source: Francesco Scatena via Shutterstock