After reading our latest blog post on screening walls for gardens, you’ll learn:
  • The benefits of a variety of different garden wall types
  • Why you should trust the Brick Experts to build and repair your outdoor garden walls
Your garden should be your sanctuary. Whether you spend your days toiling among the weeds, host get-togethers, or simply like to bask in the sun, you deserve to do it away from prying eyes. That doesn’t mean you need a hulking dome that transforms your outdoor escape into a privacy-respecting prison. Instead, a strategic garden wall may be all you need to turn your yard into a beautiful, private delight.

What Are the Benefits of Screening Walls for Gardens?

A screening wall offers a variety of benefits that extend beyond privacy:
  • They enhance the aesthetic of your yard.
  • They offer shade.
  • They provide a block to strong, swirling Texas winds.
  • They keep back plants that may otherwise interfere with outdoor relaxation.
Whether you want to make sure no one on the outside can peer in, or you just want to make it a little more difficult while allowing in the warming rays of the sun, a screening wall will help.

What is the Best Garden Screen?

Garden screens can be built from several materials. Rocks, cement, brick, and wood, can all work together or separately to offer what you need. If you’re looking to add to the appeal of your yard or property, consider some of the options below.

Gabion Rock Walls

Gabion rock walls offer a distinct look that’s tough to beat. This form of screening wall uses a gridded metal structure to hold large rocks in place. This creates a wall that’s both formidable and flexible. You'll have the choice of a variety of finishes to apply to the metal to help match the exact look you’re going for, and the metal structures can be built with as many or as few “windows” as you’d like. These windows can help let a light breeze sweep through the yard or can serve as a place for your planters.

Garden Box Walls

Garden box walls use a combination of wooden slats and metal garden boxes to create vertical growing space for plants, herbs, and vegetables. The wooden slats make it difficult to see what’s happening beyond the wall without completely blocking out all sun or breezes from making their way into your yard. That makes garden box walls ideal for front yards, patios, or outside bedrooms windows.

Living Garden Walls

These walls offer another form of vertical growing space for green thumbs. Your wall can be built from any number of materials. The attached plant pockets are perfect for herbs or other small plants. This creates the effect of a green wall that can cover up otherwise plain or unsightly walls. You gain the privacy of a wall, but the plant pockets add beauty as well as wonderful aromas to the yard.

Outdoor Kitchen or Dining Garden Screens

The ability to cook outside is a wonderful thing. Whether you’re using a simple charcoal grill, cooking range, or pizza oven, a garden wall can help ensure that those uninvited to the party aren’t able to get too jealous of those munching on your delicious spread of food. Kitchen garden screens can help keep branches or plants away from cooking and seating areas.

How Do You Build Outdoor Garden Walls?

Many considerations go into building a screening wall for your garden. Beyond the design choices, such as the materials or overall aesthetic of the wall, you also need to abide by local codes or regulations set forth by the community. This means you’ll need to do a bit of planning before you swing by your local hardware store for tools and equipment. To make the process easier, you can go with the Brick Experts of Dallas-Fort Worth. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable masons knows local building codes by heart. We can partner with you to design a wall that fits your needs and passes any inspection. Instead of struggling to ensure your design is up to code, let us take over and do the hard work for you. Our team can also provide maintenance tips to ensure a long-lasting wall. Should there be any issues with an already existing garden wall, we also offer repairs. As the mortar matching experts, we can ensure any repairs matches the look of the original work.

Garden Screening Walls in Dallas

Building a garden wall can be difficult, so let the Brick Experts do it for you. We offer a variety of budget-friendly options, and we’ll work quickly and effectively to build a screening wall that fits your needs and follows all applicable codes. Contact us today for a free quote by calling 817-901-0236.

Featured Image: JGA/Shutterstock